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The most astonishing video I've ever seen

See an active demodex mite killed in 50 seconds by a natural substance you probably already have in your kitchen.
Since I put up this website, I’ve received correspondence from many extremely helpful and sympathetic people, as well as from many unfortunate souls in torment. Not being able to help them very much was like a physical pain in my heart.

Then I saw some very interesting posts about demodex eradication in another website. So I contacted the author, Toni, a truly remarkable woman from Las Vegas, who told me she’d discovered something 100% natural that would kill demodex mites instantly - on contact. This is something that all of medical and veterinary research has been unable to do - the best they can offer is 5-15 minutes for a kill using 100% strengths of tea tree oil, alcohol, caraway oil, or dill weed oil. All of these carry risks if used at this strength on human skin.

Toni has suffered from a number of serious illnesses over the past seven years, including demodicosis. Over that time, she tirelessly tried out natural substances, using trial and error, and experimenting on herself. And she finally found it - a small amount of fine mustard powder mixed with an even smaller amount of water.

She recorded her first experiment on video. In it, she failed to mix the mustard with the water thoroughly enough. But it still killed an active mite taken fresh from her own face in 50 seconds. When she learned how to do the mix thoroughly, she was amazed to find that it killed demodex mites instantly.

After six weeks of using her own easy-to-do regimen, Toni has been unable to find a single demodex mite on her skin and is now tickle-free.

I’ll be updating this website with lots of new information and treatments, including Toni’s, over the next few days. So keep checking back for the nitty-gritty.

I believe this is the single most important discovery about demodex eradication in humans that’s been made in the last 50 years. And it took a determined and courageous woman to do it.

To see that first experiment, click here.
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