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The BIG update

A vast update with vitally important information.
It’s finally here.
(new page added 14 Sept 2012)

A. Added a new section with four subsections containing 26 new pages and rolled the old “Help Yourself” section into it (now renamed “Topical Solutions).” To understand what’s happening, please go through the pages in order as quickly as you can.

1.The Answers.”

Subsection 1:Our Present”- why you’re delusional, and the Morgellons and AIDS connections.
a.Pants on Fire” - why you may need to adjust your reality knob.
b.Control” - how your whole life can be controlled.
c.Food” - exactly what you’re eating every day.
d.Water” - from the tap or a bottle, the truth.
e. “Air” - look up! What’s coming down. And what’s happening with oxygen?
f.Drugs” - antibiotics, psychotropics, biphosphonates, vaccines. Is medicine really good for your health?
g.Light” - whatever happened to our deep blue skies? Global warming - really? And the importance of light.
h.EMFs” - cell phones, Smart Meters, HAARP, and “dirty electricity.” Independent experts speak.
i.Textiles” - why cotton’s not so virginal. And Smart Textiles - good idea, or bad idea?
j.Personal & Home Care” - what’s in your shampoo? Or your make-up? And hidden dangers in the home.
k.Direct Input” - how your immune system can be controlled.
l.Information” - who controls media? In the US, five corporations decide what you see, hear, and read. And disastrous education.
m.What You Can Do” - all the problems reviewed, and strategies to ameliorate their effects.

Subsection 2:Our Future” - money, who really rules, the paedophilia connection, Luciferianism, and thoughts on government.
a.The Instrument” - your government has plans for you, and you don’t know it.
b.Hell on Earth” - the signs of an impending disaster for all of humanity.
c.Heaven on Earth” - the truth about the universe we live in, the scientific importance of love, and an astonishing future.
d.Latest News” - a place you’ll find new developments on all the topics above. Will be regularly updated.

Subsection 3:Energy Medicine” - how the cure for all human diseases was suppressed, and its connection to weapons of mass destruction.
a.The Rife Machine” - the types, the prices, the pros, the cons, the recommendations.
b.The Zapper” - the low-down on the baby of energy medicine.
c.Dinshah Therapy” - bringing light and colour out of the darkness of ignorance, greed, and stupidity.
d.Far Infrared Radiation” - how to switch on your own Innate Healing Response.
e.EFT” - tap your way to health (no, it’s not Fred and Ginger).
f.Dowsing” - looking for something? Find it quick - including healing.

Subsection 4:Other Strategies” - additional powerful ways to cure serious diseases, get healthy - and stay that way.
a.Herbs & Nutrition - the only pharmacy you’ll ever need is nature. Plus, where to buy the best food - and juicing for health.
b.Hydrogen Peroxide - the health miracle that’s as natural as mother’s milk.

B. Updated “Toni’s Mustard Power” with vital new information for all mustard users - indicated by red text.

C. Updated “Ted’s Borax Remedies” with vital new information for all users of both of Ted’s remedies - indicated by red text.

D. Updated “Other Suggestions” with vital new information for all infestation sufferers - indicated by red text. Plus another surprising tip.

Date: 26 July 2012.
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