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This changes everything...

Added new protocols and some personal news.
A. Updated the following pages:

1.Other Suggestions” - added important new protocols.

B. “Where to Buy” - added sources for new protocol materials.

C. As a result of using the new “DI’s Coconut Sandwich” protocol, I’ve discovered that I have Morgellons Disease. It seems that my systemic demodicosis was a co-infection that served to mask the truth about what was really going on in my skin.

As you may imagine, this was pretty devastating to discover.

Consequently, much of the information on this site will have to change, particularly my own personal story, and some of the treatment pages, since I have no wish to mislead people who come here for help and accurate information.

I will also be reorganising the site pretty radically into a much more coherent structure with easier navigation and URLs that give more information about the page contents. PDFs of each page will also (finally) be available to download for offline reading and printing.

The look of the site will also have to change because of the way I propose to reorganise. I’ve decided on a bold modern design to replace the present rather stark black and white theme.

This will take me some time, so I humbly request your patience and forbearance.
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