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2016 News

What I’ve been up to for the past four years, and why it matters to you.
Since this website was last updated, my life has been a 24/7 roller-coaster ride. There have been some scares, but many thrills, too. First, let’s get the bad news out of the way:

There is no such disease as “systemic demodicosis.” I was wrong, and I humbly apologise. The truth is that if you experience sensations of insect movement on areas of your body other than your head, then you’re dealing with Morgellons Disease, bird mites, or collembola. Demodex overpopulation is actually a co-infection of Morgellons, and it’s caused by a number of nasty organisms and an enzyme called nagalase that together suppress your immune system, allowing the mites to flourish and migrate. Now the good news:

Back in mid-February 2013, it became obvious to me that I wouldn’t be able to use my Rife machine to deal with this because no Rife programs had been developed for it at that stage. Rife researchers had swallowed the CDC lie that the disease was delusional. Medical research was also starting to appear that strongly indicated that Morgellons was actually a variant of Lyme Disease, with a few patented technologies thrown into the witches’ cauldron for good measure.

Although a writer named Bryan Rosner cured his Lyme with the same machine I owned, it took him two years of treating for hours every day, wired up to the device. When I looked into Lyme, I found that there are many different devastating pathogens and organisms involved, and I knew that I would be unable to complete such an arduous task. So I decided to shake up the Rife community by making a forum post pointing to Clifford Carnicom’s Morgellons research. This clearly showed that everyone on Earth has the components of Morgellons already in their bodies, waiting to be activated.

The results were astonishing. I was immediately contacted by an international team of people who were intent on bringing Rife therapy into the 21st century, and making it affordable for everyone. One particularly amazing discovery this team made was that it was possible to transmit Rife programs without wires using the principles of quantum physics. This enables you to use multiple machines at the same time, all transmitting different programs.

After I took part in field trials, during which I was treated by a man in South Africa, 6,000 miles away, I was so utterly flabbergasted by the results that I knew I just had to be a part of this. So I bullied my way into the development team, and I’m now a senior member. The system we developed has now evolved into the most powerful one on Earth - with plasma, reversible cell electroporation, PEMF, ultrasound, cold laser, contact electrodes, and of course the original remote mode. And we sell it for what it costs us to manufacture. Every member of the team is an unrecompensed volunteer - so there’s no profit, and no wages. Every one of us believes that profiting from the suffering of others is wrong, period.

The system is called Spooky2, and you can find out all about it by clicking here.

Spooky2 rescued me. Using four machines gave me my life back - I didn’t have to be wired to any of them, and I could go anywhere and do anything while the machines were running 24/7 at home.

During this time, I also developed a Morgellons Protocol for Spooky2. Now in its third major release, this also treats Lyme Disease, and it’s actually built into the free Spooky2 software, along with my other protocols for intensive care, cancer, total body detox, and home remediation. This last one enables you to kill insect infestations in your home, and to eradicate moulds. The system can also make superior nano-particle colloidal silver, work as a dual-band Clark Zapper - and scan the body for pathogens and parasites, then create a program to kill them.

The Spooky2 software runs on a standard PC running any version of Windows from XP onward, and you can connect up to 127 Spooky2 machines to the PC via USB.

We’re currently developing training and user groups in every nation on the planet, and our first conference took place in New Zealand just last week, attended by two members of the core team. The Spooky Rife System is now being used with great success by doctors and other health professionals in their practices the world over. Besides our English-language website, we also have sites in Italian, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, and Greek, and we’re about to open a French site as well.

Our private Members Forum, which you can join through the website, now has more than 9,000 Members, and we’ve lost count of how many Facebook Spooky2 groups there are currently - the original and most comprehensive one is Spooky2 Rife For Life, and you can ask to join here. We’ve come a very long way indeed.

Because my Spooky2 work takes up ALL of my waking time, I haven’t been able to update the vast Delusional Insects site - yet. It’s on the cards as soon as our present extremely exciting hardware development cycle is complete. So I’m afraid that this “blog” entry will have to suffice until that happens.

Personally, it’s now almost four years since I’ve visited a doctor or a hospital. My old medicine cabinet how holds only therapeutic herbs and spices, and I haven’t eaten any supermarket processed “foods” since that time. My osteoporosis has completely disappeared, my “incurable” tardive akathisia has gone, my throat cancer has been cured, and I’ve killed all the co-infections involved in Morgellons. I’ve also healed a smashed toe in three weeks (wirelessly), and a hand over which I accidentally poured smoking hot coconut oil in 10 minutes. In four years, I haven’t had a single cold or flu.

We’re now about to embark on researching the materials used for the man-made nanotech elements in Morgellons. Once we know what they are, the system can simply detox them. And that will be the end of Morgellons Disease. In my next update, I’ll tell you what this scourge was designed for.

Until then, I urge you to investigate Spooky2 for yourself. You’re also welcome to email me using the “Get in Touch” page here, or the “Contact Us” page at Spooky2.com. I very much regret I’m unable to reply to your posts in these “blogs” because my responsibilities simply don’t allow me any time right now.

I needed to update this section of the site now because I want you all to know that there is a bright shining light at the end of your dark tunnels. If you choose to walk towards it, your world will change. Join me. All these people did.

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