Bedbugs – the Original Vampires

This little bloodsucker has been plaguing us since we lived in caves.

They’re supposed to wake up and go to work on you an hour or so before dawn, but in practice they can be active at any time of the day or night.

When DDT was widely used in the western world to eliminate insect pests, bedbugs became almost extinct. Then it was banned and they returned with a vengeance. Isn’t progress wonderful?

A bedbug feeding. Image via Wikipedia from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

I found this crawling on the edge of the carpet along the skirting-board at about two in the morning as I was about to get into bed.

I picked it up with tweezers and placed it on the back of a white business card to get a good look at it. When I released the tweezers (clever, eh?), it quickly scuttled off the card and disappeared to bite again.

My brother recommended Complete Pest Control, a family-run pest extermination company.

A very pleasant and helpful technician came for almost an entire afternoon and sprayed my bedroom, my late mother’s bedroom (where the hospital bag had remained undisturbed on the floor for some time), and the hallway approaches to both rooms with Ficam W. He moved all the furniture out into the back garden and was very thorough with everything, even the knick-knacks. He also opened up my futon to spray inside. At my request, he also lightly sprayed my duvet and pillows.

He also sprayed the hospital bag and its contents but advised me to bag it securely and put it in the garbage. Which I did, and now realise I threw away the direct evidence link to Hospital A. My first mistake.

Why not spray the whole house? He explained that bedbugs like to live within 15 feet of their food source. (That’s you, asleep). Consequently, no need.

In theory, this single treatment shouldn’t have been successful.

But it was. And I thought I was home free.

Until a couple of weeks later...

And now the real fun started.
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