Oxygen for the Soul

Uploaded 4 Sept 2012

Here’s how two different doctors reacted when I announced that I intended to ingest hydrogen peroxide:

Doctor 1: “But what good will that do? It’s just a weak bleach.”

Doctor 2: “But that’s extremely dangerous.”

So there you have medicine’s knowledge of hydrogen peroxide - it’s “just” a weak bleach. A weak bleach that’s “extremely” dangerous.

But the truth is that it’s Big Pharma that goes weak at the thought of us using it to cure cancers, HIV/AIDS, coronary artery disease, strokes, pulmonary disease, diabetes, or any human or animal disease that involves a pathogen. And the only extreme danger it poses is to their obscene profits.

Hydrogen peroxide has been used in medicine for more than a century. And it’s so safe that nature even uses it to kick-start the immune systems of newborn infants - because breast milk, particularly the colostrum (first milk), contains large amounts of it.

So what is hydrogen peroxide, and how does it work?

Well, believe it or not, it’s just pure water - with an extra atom of oxygen.

Water is H2O - two atoms of hydrogen and one of oxygen.

Hydrogen peroxide is H2O2 - two atoms of hydrogen and two of oxygen.

But this extra atom of oxygen yearns to break free and attach itself to something else. Anything else - it’s not fussy.

And this is why you should always take it in distilled water - unlike tap, bottled, or even “purified” water, this contains nothing to tempt those extra oxygen atoms away.

Once it gets into your body, all those extra atoms are released. They oxygenate and energise the cells, prompting them to release stored toxins and revert to normal functioning.

It will also bind to pathogens and parasites.

The vast majority of these are anaerobic - they thrive in conditions where oxygen is absent. And when they meet it - they die. This is called oxidation.

Good bacteria, on the other hand, are aerobic - they function best in highly-oxygenated environments. Not only that, but they actually make hydrogen peroxide themselves.

But isn’t breathing enough to oxygenate us?

Well, it would be - if the air we breathe had enough oxygen in it to do the job. But it doesn’t. Not today. And certainly not in cities or large towns. The ideal level would be close to 25%. But levels today as low as 12% have been recorded, and the average is about 15-17%.

You can thank the oil barons for that. Unlike the highwaymen of old, these “philanthropists” want your money - and your life.

Once again, this page is another short one. For that, your gratitude is due to James Roguski.

You may already know him - he wrote “Your Doctor is a Liar” which exposes the truth about statin “anti-cholesterol” drugs and which I linked to on the “Drugs” page (and if you missed it, it can be downloaded from here).

James Roguski has also written another invaluable resource book that every home should have - “The Truth About Food-Grade Hydrogen Peroxide.”

You can download it free from a prominent link on this page.

There are also two parts of a radio interview with James that you really need to hear.

So how do you ingest hydrogen peroxide?

Two approaches:

1. Preventive/maintenance:
This is what I do. To every gallon of distilled drinking water, I add 16 drops of 35% food-grade hydrogen peroxide. I keep a two-gallon non-BPA plastic dispenser in the refrigerator, and another with 32 drops per gallons of distilled water on the countertop for washing fruit and vegetables and cooking.

2. Purgative:
This is an altogether different regimen, usually used for disease states. The concentrations involved start at a much higher level of three drops of 35% H2O2 in 5-8 ounces of distilled water taken three times a day and ramp up over a period of 16-21 days to 25 drops (chronic systemic candidiasis sufferers should start with one drop and work up) .

If you’re doing a purge, you need to be careful with food and supplements - only ingest these higher concentrations of H2O2 on an empty stomach, otherwise it will react rather violently with the contents of your stomach to release all that oxygen. This will give you a very nasty abdominal pain and can even cause severe vomiting. You must take it one hour before or three hours after eating. You should also stop taking all timed-release supplements three days before starting and stay off them for the duration of the purge.

Personally, I would also advise cutting out any vitamin C and iron supplements until your purge is completed.

Most people dislike the taste. This is easily dealt with by chewing a sugar-free cinnamon gum, or a tiny pinch of cinnamon powder on the tongue. Don’t take it in milk or juice, as some websites suggest - this will radically weaken its effect, and, in the case of juice, may cause an oxygen-driven volcano on your countertop. Very messy!

For those with lung ailments, 12 ounces of food-grade hydrogen peroxide added to a gallon of distilled water can be used in a vaporiser each night to enable them to breathe freely.

The final methods of administration - intravenously and intra-arterially - can only be done by a doctor who’s familiar with the technique (a list of these is given in the back of James Roguski’s book).

Although some websites list it as a method of administration, hydrogen peroxide administered in a colonic may drive pathogens and parasites through the gut wall into the body.

One last vitally important warning: if you’ve had an organ transplant, you should NOT ingest hydrogen peroxide because it will stimulate your immune system and may cause rejection.

Link: “The Many Benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide, “ by Dr. David G. Williams.

Link: Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy - another useful resource.

Link: “Hydrogen Peroxide Cancer Treatment” - from CancerTutor.com.

And now, dear reader, at long last, my story stops here.
For now...