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Updated: 25 Jan 2013 (Sandy Hook investigations added)
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You Are The Answer

Mission Statement

Chief White Eagle said this:

“We are not pawns on the chessboard - we are the movers of the pieces.”

On the previous two pages, I’ve painted two different futures for mankind. One is hell. One is heaven.

But the future is not written in stone. If it were, it would make nonsense of the Free Will of human beings. You were given Free Will to enable you to make choices. When the choices made by men and women are made with love and compassion, they spring from the heart. And they are the most powerful forces in the universe.

Although certain cosmic events are ordained and immutable, the moves in the great Game of Life are made by you.

You create the reality that leads to the future you desire.

I hope I’ve succeeded in opening your eyes and your mind to the truth about yourself and your fellow man.

We are all pieces of a greater whole.

Now it’s up to you.

Make your move.

Sandy Hook Timewarp

I personally made the following two screen-captures of websites associated with the Sandy Hook staged massacre. In both cases, the dates - which are NOT timestamps, but part of the text - predate the “event.”

Here’s the first:

YouCaring Cockup

If you visit this now, you’ll see they’ve changed the dateline text to 20 December.

Here’s the second:

Arlington Cockup

This page has now been completely removed from the News section of this site.

If it smells like it, and it steams like it, it IS it.

And now, internet expert and high-level security software developer Peter minutely examines these “pre-dated” web-pages and Google’s role in this. Check out the following two links, hosted by Dr. Eowyn’s “Fellowship of the Minds “ blog.

Link 1: This is the general link to the overall scenario, and also contains multiple other links to other individual pieces of disturbing evidence of a false flag attack to force gun control. The motive? To disarm American citizens prior to the open corporate takeover.

Link 2: This is the technical dissection by Peter (ably assisted by Here). “I am now 100% convinced the Sandy Hook Shootings were a False Flag,” he writes.

Video: Veteran US Navy law enforcement officer, arms expert, and consultant Mike Powers forensically takes the entire Sandy Hook scenario apart in an astonishing audio interview with Joyce Riley on The Power Hour radio show. You need to listen to this because Mike poses questions that no one else has even considered - “Whether you know it or not, this nation is at war,” he says (118 minutes).

More as I find it...

The Penny Drops

19 Aug 2012
I can only plead information overload and exhaustion. Because it certainly took long enough for this to dawn on me, and it ties everything up into a neat little package tied with a cute red satin bow.

But better late than never:

If you suffer from demodicosis or Morgellons, you have a slime mould living in your body called Dictyostelium discoideum.

This slime mould normally only lives in leaf litter, where it preys upon beneficial bacteria that break down organic material into its constituents for return to the soil. In your body, it devours the friendly bacteria that make up about 70% of your immune system.

I've been able to find just one single case of infestation of a human being by a slime mould - in this case, an advanced eye infection by Dictyostelium polycephalum for which no drug treatments exist. Ironically, this case is reported on the CDC website.

So what do you think would happen if medical laboratories all over the world suddenly started to report finding such an obviously foreign organism in human skin specimens?

Right - very awkward questions would start to be asked.

So how do you circumvent this?


You brief your "cool dude" opinion leaders in that branch of conventional medicine responsible for skin health - dermatology.

Then these lords of dermatology pass down their oracle:

"Take no specimens - remember your classes on Delusional Parasitosis.”

And dermatology’s sheep look up and unquestioningly marvel at these pearls of prescient wisdom.

The message gets passed on down the food chain to GPs - my own had more than one cosy little chat with the dermatological whizz-kid who diagnosed me as delusional and refused to do any tests.

And thus the trap is sprung.

Bottom line: without dermatology’s participation - witting and unwitting - none of this could have happened.

My Difficult Path to Love

1 Aug 2012

Because my own journey has been extremely painful when it came to love and the nature of relationships, I have to confess that I had a great deal of confusion about the true meaning of love.

And then I had a dream.

Before all my infestations began, I used to dream vividly every night. Many of those dreams were the basis for the best of my short fiction.

But over the past three years, I can honestly count the number of dreams I’ve had on one hand - and still have a finger or two left over.

On a miserable night last Christmas, the night I finally had to accept that I was inevitably coming to the end of my journey with Toni’s mustard treatments, I had one of those few dreams.

I was in a strange and magnificent mansion, wandering its vast halls and its echoic maze of marbled corridors.

And I suddenly found myself at a dead end. The long corridor I had thought lay ahead of me was really just a huge mirror that reflected the path I’d taken.

I looked at myself in the mirror. And when my reflection began to speak, I remember feeling that such a thing was entirely normal and natural.

What my mirrored self said to me was this:

“I forgive you for everything you’ve done, and everything you haven’t. And I love you no matter what.”

That’s all I remember. I wrote it down the next morning, as I used to do with all my dreams. I thought it nothing but a strange dream, and I soon forgot about it.

I only remembered it again when I started to find the material that became “Heaven on Earth” and understood how vital love was for the evolution of humanity.

And it suddenly struck me that this dream was the twofold path to love that had been given to me months before I ever knew I’d need it.

I knew I’d have to find in myself the innocent, trusting, loving child I’d been before I allowed life to harden my heart. Yes, I believed I understood love’s importance after my father told me his experiences with death. But somehow it never fully penetrated the armour with which I’d encased myself.

Nightly, I would fall asleep, exhausted from the efforts of trying to engender the feelings of forgiveness and love. Unsuccessfully. It took me a full month before I realised how to do it.

I visualised myself back in that fabulous mansion, standing in front of its enormous mirror.

I looked into its vertiginous depths, seeing the path I’d taken through life, accepting responsibility for all of it, and I said to my reflected self:

“I forgive you for everything you’ve done, and everything you haven’t. And I love you no matter what.”

For six straight nights I did this before falling asleep, holding the imagined scene steady in my mind, and desperately trying to conjure up something I felt unable to experience.

And nothing happened.

But on the seventh night, when I said it, my reflected self smiled broadly back at me. And I felt a dam burst open inside and an immense joy flood me like a warm tidal wave.

I’m not ashamed to say I wept.

I now know that we must all learn to forgive ourselves, for all our faults and foibles, for all our transgressions and omissions. Because only then can we love ourselves. And the self we must learn to love is not that quotidian self who frets into the bathroom mirror every morning, or shouts at the kids when they’re going to be late for school again.

No, the selves we must learn to love are our true selves, the selves our lives have been carefully designed to hide from our sight - that eternal spark of the Universal Creator, to whom it is destined to return when its unutterably long and winding road has reached journey’s end.

And the reason we must do these two things is this: how can we forgive and love any other if we cannot forgive and love ourselves?

I’m beginning to sound like a bit of a dingbat now, but if you think well about this, and you look deep into the core of your heart, you will find, as I did, these same truths looking back at you.

Waiting for you to get to know them.

Fancy a Multiple Sclerosis Injection?

30 July 2012

Quoted directly from MIT’s Technology Review:

“Into a relatively innocuous bacterium responsible for a low-mortality pneumonia, Legionella pneumophila, Popov and his researchers spliced mammalian DNA that expressed fragments of myelin protein, the electrically insulating fatty layer that sheathes our neurons. In test animals, the pneumonia infection came and went, but the myelin fragments borne by the recombinant Legionella goaded the animals' immune systems to read their own natural myelin as pathogenic and to attack it.

“Brain damage, paralysis, and nearly 100% mortality resulted: Popov had created a biological weapon that, in effect, triggered rapid multiple sclerosis. (Popov's claims can be corroborated: in recent years, scientists researching treatments for MS have employed similar methods on test animals with similar results.)”

The original article was written in 2006 and concerns two former Soviet biowarfare scientists at that time working in the US - Serguei Popov and Ken Alibek. I wonder who they're working for now - or who’s benefitting from their research prowess and knowledge...

Allison M. Macfarlane, a research associate in the Science, Technology, and Global Security Working Group in MIT's Program in Science, Technology, and Society, was asked to write a commentary on this article. You can read it here.

You’ll notice that both articles assess the “threat” as coming from “terrorists.” It’s never from governments, is it, despite the documented history of the use of bioactives against their enemies and their own peoples? It’s always from some “Al Qaeda barbarians” hiding in caves high in the mountains...

Extrapolate from this and you’ll quickly realise that the technology now exists to give you any disease or illness known to man (as well as some that aren’t) by means of a single injection - like, perhaps, a compulsory vaccine?

Incidentally, “Al Qaeda” is the Arabic translation for “The Database.” Remember when the CIA were supplying arms, training, and finance to Afghan Mujahideen fighters when that country was invaded by the Soviets?

Like all good bureaucrats, the CIA kept all their names and details in a computer database.

And that database is Al Qaeda.

A Revelation For Me

29 July 2012

As I was falling asleep last night, a thought popped into my head out of nowhere, and it was so startling to me that I sat up, switched on the light, and wrote it down.

It’s so blindingly obvious that I can’t believe I never realised it before.

And I feel so stupid now for not seeing it.

Normally we think of symbiosis in terms of organisms - the interaction between two different lifeforms in close physical association, usually to the advantage of both.

What I’d forgotten was that symbiosis can also apply to humans - or to groups of humans.

Here’s the thought:

Without Big Pharma, non-trauma allopathic medicine has no reason to exist - your doctor would be no more of a healer than you or I.

Without allopathic medicine, Big Pharma has no reason to exist. What other form of medicine would use pharmaceuticals? Homeopathy? Chiropractic care? Naturopathy? Energy medicine? Herbalism? Traditional Chinese healing? Ayurvedic medicine?

Is there any branch of human healing other than allopathy that would patronise Big Pharma?

No, I don’t believe so.

This symbiotic health cartel exhibits such a clear and unequivocal mutual dependence that it should have set off all our alarm bells long ago.

Together, both arms of this cartel have a stranglehold on human health.

How healthy is that?

But, as if it wasn’t alarming enough, both of those arms are largely controlled by one brain - the Rockefeller family.

In the US, the Rockefeller University (formerly the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research) is possibly the most prestigious medical research and education body. It, along with other Rockefeller bodies, also grant aid many other medical education institutes. One example is Yale University, where J. Richardson Dilworth, president of Rockefeller Family & Associates, Inc., is also chairman of the finance committee and manages a $500 million endowment fund. He is also president of the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton. Another was the General Education Board, founded in 1902 to fund medical, agricultural, and general higher education - its functions were rolled into into the Rockefeller Foundation in 1960.

In China, John D. Rockefeller set up the China Medical Board in 1901 to promote western medicine. In 1915, this body founded the Peking Union Medical College to teach allopathic medicine and medical research to Chinese doctors.

I doubt there’s a nation on earth which doesn’t have some Rockefeller involvement in medical education and/or research.

And please remember that the Rockefellers were instrumental in the reorganisation of the American Medical Association into what it is today, at one stage even controlling most of its stock.

Through nominee accounts, also known as “street names,” as well as multiple interlocking directorships, the family bodies are believed to control up to 70% of Big Pharma. And Newsweek estimated that up to 200 Rockefeller trusts exist, all of whom would be obliged to invest substantially in non-volatile highly profitable industries like pharmaceuticals. Two interlocking directorate examples are Eli Lilly, and Warner-Lambert, now merged with Pfizer. Until the GlaxoSmithKline prosecution, Pfizer held the record for the biggest fine ever imposed on a drug company in the US.

Some other interesting areas of multiple interlock include food, energy, chemicals, personal care, armaments (including Raytheon, operators of HAARP), air transport, electrical utilities and products, high tech research and product development, and paper.

Other bodies founded entirely or mostly with Rockefeller money include the Asia Society, the University of Chicago, the Council of the Americas, the General Education Board, the Group of Thirty, the International House of New York or I-House - also at the University of Chicago and Berkeley), the Memorial Sloan-Lettering Cancer Centre, the National Committee on United States-China Relations, the New York Cancer Hospital, the Population Council, the Rockefeller College of Public Affairs & Policy, the Rockfeller Foundation, Rockefeller College, Spelman College, and the Trilateral Commission (President Obama’s link).

Some of the links above lead to the organisations themselves, others to Wikipedia articles, and the rest to critics and observers. If you follow up any of the first two kinds of links, try applying the insight you’ve now gained from previous page links and videos here to see if you can spot ulterior motives and non-obvious benefits. Bear in mind that scientific evidence exists that despite the appearance of altruism, the Rockefellers always maintain control on casting votes.

“Own nothing - control everything” - John D. Rockefeller.

Bottom line on medicine and Big Pharma - each would wither and die without the other

How Mites and Arachnids Can Be Created by Man

28 July 2012

Now I’m going to tell you something that very few people on the planet know. I discovered it on 26 July 2012 while verifying some energy medicine research (which we’ll deal with in the next section). I’ve copied it in its entirety from the website of Lt. Col Thomas E. Bearden (retd.), PhD, MS (nuclear engineering), BS (mathematics - minor electronic engineering).

It’s the most astonishing thing I’ve ever read - and it’s especially alarming for all insect infestations sufferers.

You will understand why I say this when you take into account what I’ve already told you on the “EMFs” page and digest the contents of the next page which starts the “Energy Medicine” section.

"Spark of Life"
From "Stranger than Science"
by Frank Edwards © 1959, 1987

Did an obscure amateur scientist discover the spark of life? Did Andrew Crosse accidentally stumble upon a mixture of chemicals and electricity which produced living things from a lifeless compound? If he did not, then just what did he accomplish? The record of his work is clear, only the enigma of the results remains to plague science.

The neighbors of Andrew Crosse regarded him as more devil than man. They did not understand the bright flashes that lighted his laboratory windows at night when he was tinkering with his crude electrical devices. Not only was he dreaded and shunned as "the thunder and lightning man," but he was denounced as an atheist, a blasphemer, and a Frankenstein who had best be put in chains for the common safety.

Andrew Crosse minded his own business, it is true, but his was a very strange business for the early 1800's. And one of his experiments remains a very strange business to this day.

Andrew was an enthusiastic amateur experimenter in the new field of electricity. Out of touch with others in the same work, he labored under the double handicap of not knowing what had already been done - and of not understanding what he was doing himself. Yet it may have been this very lack of knowledge which led him to undertake the experiments which were to inscribe his name, however faintly, in the annals of science.

He decided to induce the development of artificial crystals by subjecting chemicals to prolonged exposure to weak electrical currents. Andrew mixed up some silicate of potash and hydrochloric acid and into this he dropped a fist-sized chunk of oxide of iron. By inducing the current from a small battery to trickle through the solution to the oxide of iron, he hoped to bring about the growth of artificial crystals of silica.

Having arranged this combination of chemicals and current, Andrew set it aside and went back to his favorite pastime of studying the spark-gap - the flashes which alarmed his neighbors.

Did he accidentally stumble upon an arrangement which created life from inorganic matter?

In a paper which he wrote for the London Electrical Society in that same year of 1837, Andrew set down this account of his experience.

He wrote: "On the fourteenth day after the commencement of this experiment, I observed through a small magnifying lens a few small whitish specks clustered around the middle of the electrified stone. Four days later these specks had doubled in size and had struck out six or eight fine filaments around each speck...the filaments longer than the hemisphere from which they projected.

"On the 26th day of the experiment, the objects assumed the form of perfect insects, standing erect on the bristles which they were growing. Although I regarded this as most unusual I attached no singular significance to it until two days later, the 28th day of the experiment, when the magnifying lens showed that these things were moving their legs. I must say now that I was quite astonished. After a few more days they detached themselves from the stone and moved about through the caustic acid solution.

"In the course of a few weeks more than a hundred of them made their appearance on the oxide of iron. Under a microscope I examined them and found that the smaller ones had six legs, the larger ones had eight. Others who have examined them pronounced them to be of the genus acari, but some say they are an entirely new species.

"I have never ventured an opinion on the cause of their birth for the reason that I have never been able to form one. I thought they might have been airborne creatures that had drifted into the liquid and prospered, but later experiments with closed vessels, in which the ingredients had been purified by baking in the oven, produced identical creatures; therefore, I suggest that they must originate in the electrified liquid by some process unknown to me."

Andrew Crosse realized that he was walking a tightrope before the top scientists of his day. He was describing an experience foreign to their accepted understanding and therefore he was inviting ridicule. He did not have long to wait. Cries of fraud and hoax engulfed him. He and his alleged insects were denounced as nothing more than humbugs.

Amid all the furor that his announcement had created, Crosse stood alone and helpless. Even other scientists who had duplicated his tests with similar results kept their silence.

All but one. That voice was raised in his defense and it was such a powerful voice that none dared challenge it; for it belonged to the great Michael Faraday. At last Crosse had found his champion.

Faraday reported to the Royal Institution that he too had experienced development of these little creatures in the course of his experiments. But he added that he could not decide whether they had been created in the sterile solutions or brought back to life by the electricity! Either development would have constituted a milestone in scientific advance, as Faraday realized, but he left it to his fellow scientists to make the decision, if any.

Crosse never claimed to have discovered anything. He was merely reporting what had happened. After the attacks upon him subsided, he retired to his home in the Quontock hills for many more happy years among his test tubes and batteries.

Although he spent his long life as a humble searcher after scientific truths, the contribution for which he is remembered is the controversy over his acari - unwanted then, and unexplained to this day.

Genus Acari.

Silicate of potash, hydrochloric acid, iron oxide - and energy - produces mites and arachnids?

While this would seem to explain how organic life arises on any planet, what’s alarmingly relevant for infestation sufferers here is that on the next page I’ll link you to Dr. Bearden’s proof that the humble chicken can do something the mediaeval alchemists couldn’t do -
transmute one element into another.

Link: Buy “Stranger Than Science,” by Frank Edwards, from Amazon.

Remember to Smile!

Updated 9 Aug 2012

Scientific research has shown that when it seems there is nothing but doom and gloom all around you, putting even a fake smile on your face will soon make you feel better.

Why is this?

Well, you’ve all heard the expression “raising your spirits.” And you now know that spirit is energy. Energy has frequency. And the higher you raise frequency, the more you connect to the universe. That connection can do nothing else other than bring happiness and joy.

So here are just a few images (courtesy of Chris Cade) and videos I found on my journey - some humorous, some inspiring, some wise, some courageous.



Video: From the wonderful Morning Mayan, here are seven easy ways to raise your spirits if life gets you down (10 minutes).

Here’s an eye-opening little tale from Chris Cade.

Video: “Life is Like a Bag of Cookies - An Inspirational Story.” Why what you think is happening may be the complete opposite - and why you need to share your love and light with the world. Again, courtesy of Chris Cade (two minutes).

More inspiration, vicar?

Video: “Notes from the Universe” - an assembly of universal truths to enlighten and inspire, courtesy of Chris Cade (four minutes).

No human being is powerless. Believe in yourself. Because if a child can do this...

Video: Watch as a young girl turns the tables on a would-be rapist - in a big way (one minutes).

And here’s why belief is more important than any “fact.”

Video: Athlete Steven Jones was told by his trainers that he didn’t have what it takes to be a winner. Wrong (three minutes).

Want to see the transformative power of love?

Video: The story of a courageous man named Roger and his love for his niece, Julia. This video is self-explanatory and inspiring (five minutes).

Want to see the “impossible” become reality?

Video: This veteran’s doctors told him he’d never walk without assistance again. For 15 years, he accepted their verdict as fact. And then another human being reached out to him. The result? Compassion plus belief plus courage equals miracle (five minutes).

Human beings can do amazing things.

Video: With belief, nothing is impossible. Remember, thought plus emotion equals feeling. Get connected - and DO IT! (four minutes)

And, finally, remember that goodness and decency are everywhere.

Video: When a violent prison inmate attacks a lone guard, help comes from a source you might not expect (three minutes).

Now, here’s a short little story courtesy of the wonderful Aine Belton:

“There was a farmer who grew superior quality and award-winning corn. Each year he entered his corn in the state fair where it won honors and prizes. One year a newspaper reporter interviewed him and learnt something interesting about how he grew it.

“The reporter discovered that the farmer shared his seed corn with his neighbors.

"How can you afford to share your best seed corn with your neighbors when they are entering corn in competition with yours each year?" the reporter asked.

“‘Why sir,’ said the farmer, ‘didn’t you know? The wind picks up pollen from the ripening corn and swirls it from field to field. If my neighbors grow inferior, sub-standard and poor quality corn, cross-pollination will steadily degrade the quality of my corn. If I am to grow good corn, I must help my neighbors grow good corn.’

“The farmer gave a superb insight into the connectedness of life. His corn cannot improve unless his neighbor's corn also improves. So it is in the other dimensions.”

Please know that you are the reason this universe was created. It exists to serve you. And due to the nature of energy resonance, it will give according to your belief. Belief doesn’t come from the mind, nor from the gut.

Belief comes from the heart.

And if you believe in your heart that you will fail, then failure is what the universe will give you.

But if you believe in your heart that you will succeed, and your heart is filled with love and compassion, there is no limit to what you can do.


Bombs And Banks

28 July 2012

If you’ve read the Heaven on Earth page, you’ll be aware that I found signs on the web that a false-flag “Iranian terrorist” attack on the London Olympic Games involving a small “suitcase” nuclear bomb or “dirty bomb” may have been planned. I’ve now received word from a British friend that would seem to independently support this.

He informs me that many spirit/energy workers and meditators have been aware of this for some time and are currently working together to try to prevent it (I was already aware of this from another independent source - David Wilcock). If you’ve watched all the videos on that page, you’ll know that scientific evidence exists to show that a group of people, no matter how separated by distance, can, by meditating together at the same time, have an observable and definable effect on material reality.

My British friend also points out one fascinating fact:

1. On 19 June 2012, the National Westminster Bank (a subsidiary of the Royal Bank of Scotland) experienced a crash of their entire computer system. For a week it was impossible to make or receive payments and all debit and credit systems were completely non-functional. In the North of Ireland, the computers of the Ulster Bank (a subsidiary of NatWest) also went down - but their system was out of action for almost an entire month.

2. On 11 July 2012, the entire O2 telephone and internet system were offline for 24 hours.

3. At the same time the BBC World Service vanished for 24 hours.

4. And on 26 July 2012 the BBC TV news reported that the entire NatWest system crashed yet again.

Every major computer system has at least one back-up, and most - particularly those of high-security economy-critical entities like banks, telecoms, and global news services - have three or more. Their purpose is precisely to deal with failure of the main system. Why did none of them work?

What is capable not only of destroying such high-security systems but also disabling all their back-ups?

My British friend posits the theory that an electromagnetic energy weapon was being tested. But, while it’s certainly possible, I don’t agree.

I favour David Wilcock’s position on this. Click here for more information.

That Logo:

The 2012 London Olympics has been called the worst ever piece of graphic design for a major event. As someone who’s spent years in an industry where graphic design excellence is prized - advertising - I agree. I find it jagged and uncomfortable to look at. Here it is:

The 2012 London Olympics logo. Yuck!

Some people, on seeing it for the first time, find it incomprehensible. But it’s actually very simple - it’s a really crude representation of the year 2012.

I actually discovered the following myself through another personal route entirely before I ever saw the official logo. And it’s this:

Reverse 2012 so it reads 2102. Now rotate the last “2” by 90 degrees anticlockwise. This gives you 210N. See what this looks like for yourself when viewed in a computer digital typeface.

Now play about with the jaggy shapes of the numerals in the logo. What you’re left with in both cases is:


It’s somewhat of a reach, admittedly, but it has already caused Iran to threaten a boycott of the games.

Note that there are also unsettling things about the site chosen for the stadium - the names of all but one of its boundary and approach roads come straight from the Old Testament (and thus the Torah). The odd one out is - Church Road. There are a number of YouTube videos that point this out, as well as other oddities.

If you’re in the US, take a look at the reverse side of a dollar. See that pyramid with the “eye of light” at its apex?

That pyramidal symbol has been on the dollar since the Federal Reserve was set up - by international bankers. You can also spot stylised versions of it in the logos of many banks and financial institutions.

Now take a look at the giant lighting towers on the roof of the Olympic Stadium.

Late update: And the first piece of music in the Opening Ceremony was...”Jerusalem.”)

You’ll have to make your own mind up.

But please remember that I’ve already shown you very clearly that the Jewish people are NOT responsible for any of this - ANY of it.

I’m also hearing whispers that an entirely new and equitable value-based international financial system has quietly been under development by “alternative economists” for the last couple of years. Apparently, it’s now ready to be moved into place when the current debt-based money system collapses. And it must collapse - because it’s reached the end of its...oh, what’s that buzzword so beloved of the UN?


I will continue to investigate this.

Sympathy For The Devil

28 July 2012

I’ve been giving some thought lately to the subject of allopathic medicine.

It’s obvious to anyone with half a brain that virtually every area of conventional medicine is invisibly controlled by the giant pharmaceutical corporations. And we now know that those corporations are owned and controlled by the international banking corporations.

The waste of human lives it has caused is too awful to contemplate. But I’ve come to realise that there are other victims whose lives have been wasted by it:

Doctors and nurses.

Most of them were motivated to enter medicine by the most honourable of human desires - to help others.

But their corruption started from the first day they entered training.

Their medical and nursing schools are grant-controlled by Big Pharma (and the Rockefeller bodies), their training syllabuses are controlled by Big Pharma (and the Rockefeller bodies), and their opportunities for placement and advancement once qualified are covertly controlled by Big Pharma (and the Rockefeller bodies).

I used to feel so angry at them.

I don’t anymore.

Now, I just feel sad.

The Spider Revealed

22 July 2012

No one has ever been able to prove conclusively that the economies of the world are controlled by a small group of multinational corporations - until now.

Three scientists from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology have recently found the proof. They used a network of supercomputers to analyse data taken from the Orbis 2007 marketing database of 37 million economic entities in 194 countries, plus about 13 million ownership links (though equity relationships).

They found the spider sitting at the centre of the web - the international banking and financial corporations.

You can download their report here.

You can read more about this here.

And you can read the best history of the sinister and criminal acts of the global banking cabal here - David Wilcock’s marathon work “Financial Tyranny.”

It’s Here!

21 July 2012

Just as I was about to upload all this new information, I found some more amazing news. By chance. The timing of this is beyond mind-blowing.

It’s the brainchild of one engineer. Before he announced it, he sent the blueprints to every scientist in the field.

The patents for it now reside in every patent office across the globe. He has gifted it to humanity.

In April 2012 he announced it to every government in the world and invited them to a demonstration. The main western powers did not turn up.

They pressured all of the smaller nations to do likewise.

But some did. He’s now invited every head of government back to another demonstration.

They’ve responded with thugs, theft, harassment, and spying.

The Canadian authorities jailed him for 11 days and stole all his documents while he was visiting Canadian scientists.

The picture is very clear - your governments will do everything in their power to prevent you from having this man’s extraordinary gift.

He’s Iranian by birth. Only one government on earth has developed it.


They’ve already used it to pluck a US spy drone from their skies and bring it down to earth - undamaged.

But I’m not going to spoil it for you.

You deserve the joy of seeing this for yourself. It’s the real giant leap for mankind.

But please unwrap this man’s gift for yourself.

The date: 6 September 2012. The place: Brussels.

This link reveals the event. For my American friends, this link reveals your President’s response to the offer.

Read it.

Then send these links to everyone you know. Tell everybody. Word of mouth. Because you’ll never hear about this from your media.

It’s up to you now.

UPDATE: On 15 November 2012, the US changed its stance and accepted the gift of the Keshe Foundation.

You can bet your life (and the lives of your family) that copies of the documentation were in Tel Aviv within an hour.

Because the warmongers need to know what Iran has up its sleeve before they make their move.

By way of deception shalt thou make war” - Mossad motto.

But the Iranians are not stupid. On the contrary, they are a very clever people. Very clever indeed.

Watch this space...
Next up, energy medicine...