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Updated 2 June 2017.


In other pages of this website, I’ve shown you how lies and deception lurk at the heart of all our cherished beliefs about the world we live in. Sadly, this even extends to so-called “alternative” medicine, and especially to Rife machines. When I first discovered Rife, I was as gullible and trusting as the next man, so I believed all I read on the manufacturers’ websites. In this way, I inadvertently helped to perpetuate a lie. That lie is that if a machine doesn’t use a radio frequency carrier wave, it’s not a real Rife machine.

But the carefully concealed truth is actually the direct opposite – Dr. Rife never used any carrier waves in the machines he used initially to achieve his astonishing cancer and TB successes back in the 1930s. Sideband generation requiring carriers was introduced later by Rife's engineer, Philip Hoyland. Hoyland devised this system to conform with newly-introduced FCC radio broadasting regulations, and as a means of hiding the MORs that Dr. Rife had found using his microscope - a crude form of copyright protection, if you will.

The result of Hoyland's folly was the loss of much of Rife's microscope research.

The stark truth is that there are no genuine commercial Rife machines built today - they are all more accurately described as Hoyland machines because Dr. Rife applied his frequencies DIRECTLY via a Phanotron plasma tube. This is the method he used to cure his terminal patients, not the Hoyland carrier/sideband method, which has never worked as efficiently.

Something else you won't read on any Rife website today is the fact that continuous longer-term use of any fixed radio-band frequency as a carrier will eventually CAUSE cancer. Check out the high incidence of cancers among ham radio operators and emergency response personnel.

Every single commercial plasma machine made today uses fixed radio band carriers. Some are better than others. The P3pro V3 system from Pulsed Technologies is capable of directly transmitting frequencies up to approximately 600,000Hz without needing to use a carrier wave. It costs $10,000. Next on the list is the Spectrotek equipment from Ralph Hartwell. This can transmit up to 400,000Hz without a carrier, and it costs a good deal less, but you need to be comfortable operating bare high-voltage components unless you’re willing to pay large bucks for an all-in-one custom build from a different supplier.

Dr. Rife's original machines could directly transmit the frequency of the cancer BX Virus - 1,607,450Hz - without needing any carrier. So you can see that neither of these two machines is capable of reproducing what Dr. Rife did, more than 80 years later.

Until now.

SC Replacement M and L
Spooky Central with Phanotron plasma tube, ultrasonic, PEMF, and cell electroporation – $1,820. Spooky2-XM frequency generator – $114.95. Total: $1,935.

Uniquely, Spooky Central returns to Dr. Rife’s first principles and ignores Hoyland’s carrier wave bastardisation. It can transmit frequencies up to an astonishing 3,500,000Hz without requiring a carrier. So it can easily replicate Dr. Rife’s cancer and TB triumphs. I’ll tell you more about it in a moment, but first I must explain how I became involved with the amazing Spooky Team.

As I said, I was gullible. I bought a BCX Ultra, a GB4000 with MOPA, and an FScan Compact with DIRP. Together, they cost me almost $10,000. Of these, the BCX was at least reliable and worked to kill my demodex mites because they live close to the skin’s surface. But I found it underpowered for anything deeper or more serious. The GB4000 never did anything for me that I could detect, despite running eight-hour sweeps nightly, and it broke down three times in the first three months. I was offered a partial refund only - take it or leave it. Two correspondents who had bought it on my recommendation also told me their machines had simply stopped working after four and six months. The FScan never worked from the moment I received it.

And then I came across the Spooky project, said to be able to transmit Rife remotely without wires from any distance. To be honest, I thought it was either wishful thinking or fraudulent. Nevertheless, when I was asked to take part in field trials, I was flabbergasted to find that it produced a Herxheimer reaction – something none of the others ever did. I knew I had to be a part of this miracle, so I bullied my way into the development team, and I’m now a senior member.

Spooky Rife systems are now the only ones I can recommend with my hand on my heart. I’ve used Spooky to annihilate my skin condition, which turned out to be an exotic variant of Lyme Disease called Morgellons, to kill oesophageal cancer and osteonecrosis of the jaw, and to cure countless other less serious problems. As a result, I’ve now replaced all the inferior Hoyland machines that used to populate this page with the Spooky systems I’ve found to work reliably and efficiently.

Most unusually of all, the Spooky Team is a philanthropic non-profit group. We sell all our equipment for what it costs us to build, and from top to bottom, we are all volunteers – no one gets paid. To keep our prices at rock bottom, we sell only to end-users direct from our sales website, and we don’t appoint national distributors or resellers, all of whom want a slice of your cake.

To make things easier, we sell our systems as “kits” which you connect together with the cables supplied, which takes less than five minutes. Install the free Spooky2 control software, and you can be rifing with a GENUINE Rife machine10 minutes after you open the box. Up to 127 generators can be controlled by the Spooky2 software which we update with new features, presets, and programs every second month, and it runs on any version of Windows. There are two different kinds of kits – the flagship Spooky Central kits, and the powerful Spooky2 kits.

Spooky Central Essential Kit with Phanotron and two generators

Above is our best-selling Spooky Central Essential Kit. It costs $2,336, and it comes with a Spooky Central, a Phanotron plasma tube (used by Dr. Rife in his cancer cases), an ultrasonic transmitter, a PEMF coil, and cell electroporation Contact Mode, two Spooky2-XM frequency generators, two Spooky Cold Lasers, the Spooky Pulse biofeedback pathogen detection system, and the full range of accessories needed for contact and remote use. The Spooky Central Advanced Kit comes with four generators, while the Spooky Central Ultimate Kit comes with five.

You can see and buy it here.

The Spooky2 kits have no Spooky Central – instead, they use standard Contact and Remote modes. Although they don’t have the raw power of plasma, they’re stunningly effective, even for serious conditions like cancer. These two are also best-sellers.

Spooky2 Essential Kit with two generators

The Essential Kit costs just $506, and you can buy it here.

Spooky2 Advanced Kit with four generators

The Advanced Kit costs $872, and you can get it here.

You’re probably wondering why multiple generators are supplied with our kits. Well, what the commercial manufacturers never mention is that when you kill pathogens, parasites, or cancer cells, they either burst open or rot inside you. This releases dangerous toxins which can overwhelm the liver and kidneys in certain cases. So one generator is used to kill, while another is used to detox remotely at the same time. The bigger kits also allow more than one person to be looked after, and they’re required with synergistic multi co-infection diseases like Lyme or Morgellons. This allows you to proceed more intensively for a faster result.

The Spooky2 software comes with built-in protocols and guides for cancer, Morgellons and Lyme, intensive care, total body detox, and home remediation for moulds and insect infestations. It also has the world’s biggest Rife frequency database, with more than 26,000 programs. The generator can also be used to make superior quality colloidal silver with an additional $73 purchase. It can function as a dual-band Dr. Hulda Clark zapper. Finally, it can drive our Spooky Cold Lasers and PEMF Coil (with Advanced Kit).

But don’t take my word for how effective the Spooky systems are. The following testimonial pages feature screenshots taken from the various forums in which we found them – they are not text, so you can be sure they’re authentic. However, because of this, they’re not searchable.

Read Spooky2 Kits Testimonials.
Read Spooky Central Testimonials.

Here’s another page of testimonials that IS searchable, either by disease or by Spooky Rife System, and each one is accompanied by its source URL or screenshot:

Read Spooky Systems User Reviews.

Our websites:

We provide a wealth of support and training resources that’s bigger than all of the commercial manufacturers combined, as you will see here.

Across the globe, the Spooky2 grass-roots movement is growing and spreading rapidly. People are not fools. They know our systems work for them because they see the results in their lives every day, and they tell their families, friends, and neighbours.

A great deal of knowledge has been hidden away from us by malevolent powers. But a tiny flower can burst it way through rock-hard tarmac, and truth cannot remain concealed forever.

Finally, the world now has access to an affordable and truly authentic Rife machine that works as Dr. Rife originally intended. One that was designed and built for the 21st century, not the 1930s.

Now you can take control of your own health.

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