The Zombification of the World

Uploaded: 21 Jul 2012

You’ve already seen the Conan O’Brien clip back on the “Pants on Fire” page - every single TV channel reporting the same story, using the same words.

All media in the US are controlled by five multinational corporations. So are they not competing with each other?

They put up a facade of competition. But in reality they’re not. Because all the owners belong to the same interest group (and very probably the same golf and country clubs).

According to “The New Media Monopoly,” written by journalist and critic Ben Bagdikian, 50 corporations controlled the US media in 1983. By 1989, this figure had shrunk to 29. In 2000, the figure was six. Today, it’s five.

Well, you might say, why does this matter?

Let me quote from Ben Bagdikian’s website:

“These five are not just large - though they are all among the 325 largest corporations in the world - they are unique among all huge corporations: they are a major factor in changing the politics of the United States and they condition the social values of children and adults alike...

“They manufacture politics and social values. The media conglomerates have been a major force in creating conservative and far right politics in the country. They have almost single-handedly as a group, in their radio and television dominance, produced a coarse and vulgar culture that celebrates the most demeaning characteristics in the human psyche - greed, deceit, and cheating as a legitimate way to win (as in the various "reality" shows)...

“What is at stake is American democracy itself. A country without all the significant news, points of view, and information its citizens need to be informed voters is risking the loss of democratic rights. Voters without genuine choices and without the information they need to choose what meets their own needs and wishes has produced something alarming: on Election Day our voters are forced to vote for what is the narrowest political choices among all industrial democracies of the world.

“The [book] describes these dominant media giants, how they cooperate with each other in the manner of a cartel, who runs them, and how this all came to pass in such insidious ways.”

Regrettably, what Ben Bagdikian fears has come to pass.

American democracy is in mortal danger - right now.

Video: “How the Media Lies to Manipulate us” - an excellent and sickening documentary by an unnamed director (58 minutes).

Just suppose for a moment that I interview you on camera talking about the subject of abortion. You tell me, “I really don’t think abortion is a good idea.” I can take my recording back to the studio and in less than 30 seconds I can make you say “I really think abortion is a good idea.” Watch this:

Video: A TV journalist shows how TV, radio, and print editors can completely distort what people say (17 minutes).

Here’s another eye-opening documentary broadcast on the Discovery Channel.

Video: This documentary shows how the coverage never reflects the reality, particularly in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. It compares US to global coverage and exposes how the foreign policy interests of American political elites - oil, and a need to have a secure military base in the region, among others - work in combination with IsraeIi public relations strategies to exercise a powerful influence over how news from the region is reported (79 minutes). Note that this contains scenes of graphic violence.

Randolph Hearst is reputed to have told his photographers, “You furnish the pictures, and I’ll furnish the war.” The next video will show how the media have manipulated nations into conflict down the years - and are doing it right now to increase tensions and prepare the American public - and the world - to expect a military confrontation between the US and Iran.

What’s the best way to increase steadily falling ratings and sell more newspapers?

World War 3.

Video: “Faking It: How the Media Manipulates the World into War” - video from The Corbett Report (14 minutes).

But sometimes, usually in dramatic productions, the truth sneaks out. Please watch the following video. This is one of the most powerful pieces of TV writing I’ve ever seen - because it’s the painful truth. As usual, it implants a thought, appeals to the emotions - and produces a feeling. But it’s a positive feeling that vibrates with truth, not a negative or exploitative one.

Video: The opening scene from the new HBO drama “The Newsroom” - billed as possibly the most honest piece of TV drama ever broadcast (eight minutes).

And finally, the best movie speech about the corporate media ever written - courtesy of the sublime Paddy Chayefsky.

Video: “You’ll never get the truth from us” - Howard Beale (played by Peter Finch in the movie “Network”) tells his audience the shocking and unvarnished truth about television and the corporate media (four minutes).

“Journalism should afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted.”

The quote above is by the philosophising bartender Mr. Dooley, a creation of the writer Finley Peter Dunne. The actual quote is: “The newspaper does ivrything f’r us. It runs th’ polis force an’ th’ ligislachure, baptizes th’ young, marries th’ foolish, comforts th’ afflicted, afflicts th’ comfortable, buries th’ dead and’ roasts thim aftherward.”

Does the media actually do this?

With very rare exceptions, the answer is “Not on your nelly.”

I’ve already described my own personal experience as a young journalist on how important news was kept from public view on the “Water” page, so I won’t repeat myself here. But I’m aware of many such occurrences in the Irish media from my years in the business.

So who controls the media in the US? Well, since Ben Bagdikian’s book isn’t available as a downloadable Kindle edition and I’d have to wait three weeks and fork out $80 for postage, I did the research myself and started to find information that I felt was ethnically biased and bigoted. So I went in the opposite direction (I’ll explain this further on). And what I found worried me greatly.

Because no single interest group should ever have been allowed to amass such power by any government.

There’s no easy way to put this, so here it is:

The US media is virtually entirely controlled by seven Jewish Americans.

Here’s an excerpt from a piece written by Christopher Jones I found on the Stanford University website:

"Today, seven Jewish Americans run the vast majority of US television networks, the printed press, the Hollywood movie industry, the book publishing industry, and the recording industry. Most of these industries are bundled into huge media conglomerates run by the following seven individuals:

Gerald Levin, CEO and Director of AOL Time Warner
Michael Eisner, Chairman and CEO of the Walt Disney Company
Edgar Bronfman, Sr., Chairman of Seagram Company Ltd
Edgar Bronfman, Jr., President and CEO of Seagram Company Ltd and head of Universal Studios
Sumner Redstone, Chairman and CEO of Viacom, In”c
Dennis Dammerman, Vice Chairman of General Electric
Peter Chernin, President and Co-COO of News Corporation Limited

“Those seven Jewish men collectively control ABC, NBC, CBS, the Turner Broadcasting System, CNN, MTV, Universal Studios, MCA Records, Geffen Records, DGC Records, GRP Records, Rising Tide Records, Curb/Universal Records, and Interscope Records.

“Most of the larger independent newspapers are owned by Jewish interests as well. An example is media mogul is Samuel I. ‘Si’ Newhouse, who owns two dozen daily newspapers from Staten Island to Oregon, plus the Sunday supplement Parade; the Conde Nast collection of magazines, including Vogue, The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, Allure, GQ, and Self; the publishing firms of Random House, Knopf, Crown, and Ballantine, among other imprints; and cable franchises with over one million subscribers."

“I could add that Michael Eisner could depart Disney tomorrow but the company will remain in the hands of Shamrock Holdings, whose principal office is now located in Israel.”

(Note that Michael Eisner resigned from Disney in 2005 and was replaced by Bob Iger, who is also Jewish. Michael Eisner now controls a corporation that distributes electronic media for the internet, portable devices, and smart phones).

Obviously, what’s written by a Gentile about Jews could be seen as suspect. So I researched the Israeli and American Jewish media and looked for Jewish writers working in non-Jewish American media to get the other side of the story. To my utter dismay, here’s what I found:

“The Jews do control the American media. This is very clear, and claiming otherwise is an insult to common knowledge” - Shahar Ilan, daily features editor, Ha'aretz (leading Israeli newspaper). 

“I had to scour the trades to come up with six Gentiles in high positions at entertainment companies. When I called them to talk about their incredible advancement, five of them refused to talk to me, apparently out of fear of insulting Jews. The sixth, AMC President Charlie Collier, turned out to be Jewish...As a proud Jew, I want America to know of our accomplishment. Yes, we control Hollywood” - Joel Stein, columnist, Los Angeles Times.

"I don't care if Americans think we're running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street or the government. I just care that we get to keep running them” - Joel Stein, Los Angeles Times.

"Four of the largest five entertainment giants are now run or owned by Jews. Murdoch's News Corp (at number four) is the only Gentile holdout - however, Rupert is as pro-Israel as any Jew, probably more so" - Los Angeles Jewish Times, “Yes, Virginia, Jews Do Control the Media,” Oct. 29-Nov. 11, 1999, page 14. 

"Time-Warner, Disney, Viacom-CBS, News Corporation and Universal rule the entertainment world in a way that the old Hollywood studio chiefs only dreamed of. And, after all the deals and buyouts, four of the five are run by Jews. We're back to where we started, bigger than ever" - Jewish Week, 9-17-1999, 12.

"It is also true that Jewish economic influence and power are disproportionately concentrated in Hollywood, television, and in the news industry, theoretically a boon in terms of the formation of favorable public images of Jews and sensitizing the American people to issues of concern to Jews" - Steven Steinlight, former head of National Affairs for the American Jewish Committee (AJC), "The Jewish Stake in America's Changing Demography,” CIS, October 2001.

"Uzi Safanov, a writer at the Seawanhaka newspaper of Long Island University in New York, agreed. 'I'm a Jew before being a journalist, before someone pays me to write,' he said. 'If I find a negative thing about Israel, I will not print it and I will sink into why did it happen and what can I do to change it.' Safanov said that even if he eventually wrote about negative incidents that happen in Israel, he would try to find the way 'to shift the blame’” - Jewish Bulletin of Northern California, November 23, 2001, "Do the Write Thing.”

"Vehement Arab anti-Zionist (sometimes anti-Jewish) rhetoric has been exploited by world Zionism to convince Jews and Christians that Arabs are irrationally violent, in contrast to Israeli ‘reasonableness.’ While Arab leaders tend to be militant in rhetoric, but conservative and often indecisive in practice, Israeli leaders are usually carefully moderate in public rhetoric but decisively opportunistic in diplomatic and military action. It is ironic that most American Jews, who are strongly committed to the view of the secular and pluralistic state in the U.S., support an ethnically and religiously exclusive Jewish state in Israel" - Rosemary and Herman Ruether, “The Wrath of Jonah,” 1989.

“It makes no sense at all to try to deny the reality of Jewish power and preeminence in popular culture. Any list of the most influential production executives at each of the major movie studios will produce a heavy majority of recognizable Jewish names” - Michael Medved, film critic (Jewish).

"The greatest concentration of Jews, however, is at the producer level - and it is the producers who decide which stories will go on the air, and how long, and in what order, they will run. In 1982, before a shift in assignments, the executive producers of all three evening newscasts were Jewish, as were the executive producers of CBS's 60 Minutes and ABC's 20/20. And Jews are almost equally prominent at the 'senior producer' and 'broadcast producer' levels as well as in senior management. When Reuven Frank stepped down as president of NBC News in 1984, for example, he was replaced by Laurence Grossman, who left the presidency of PBS to take the position" - Charles Silberman, “A Certain People. American Jews and Their Lives Today,” Summit Books, 1985, page 154.

“Let’s be honest with ourselves, here, fellow Jews. We do control the media. We’ve got so many dudes up in the executive offices in all the big movie production companies it’s almost obscene...Did you know that all eight major film studios are run by Jews?...We also control the ads that go on [the] TV shows...these guys [AIPAC] are literally talking about infiltrating the government. Intense...And then they came to America, the one place that ever really let them have as much power as they wanted, and suddenly they’re taking over” - Manny Friedman (pseudonym), “Jews DO Control the Media,” The Times of Israel, July 1, 2012.

That certainly blew my mind. And I can’t help but wonder if the US government would have allowed such a situation to arise if these media moguls had been Arab Americans...

Please note that the The New York Times and The Washington Times are both also owned by American Jews. The Wall Street Journal is owned by Rupert Murdoch - but only with the blessing and consent of the Rothschild family. This is not to say that these newspapers never criticise Israeli policy - they do, and sometimes very strongly. But you must agree that this is a very anomalous situation indeed, wide open to abuse of power, and decidedly unsettling.

The picture is the same across the globe - media consolidated under the control of multinational corporations (of course, the majority are NOT Jewish, but virtually all DO support Israeli policies).

Lest you think me anti-Jewish, let me say at this point that I’ve always admired and had enormous sympathy for the Jewish people, and I still do. They are a genuinely remarkable race of people who have survived and prospered against all odds. They have been responsible for and contributed to many worthy aspects of civilisation that we take for granted today.

“I will insist that the Hebrews have done more to civilize men than any other nation. If I were an atheist and believed in blind eternal fate, I should still believe that fate had ordained the Jews to be the most essential instrument for civilizing the nations. If I were an atheist of another sect…I should still believe that chance had ordered the Jews to preserve and propagate for all mankind the doctrine of a supreme, intelligent, wise almighty sovereign of the universe, which I believe to be the great essential principle of all morality, and consequently of all civilization…They are the most glorious nation that ever inhabited this earth. The Romans and their Empire were but a bauble in comparison to the Jews. They have given religion to three quarters of the globe and have influenced the affairs of mankind more, and more happily than any other nation, ancient or modern” - John Adams in a letter to F.A. Van Der Kemp, 16 February 1809, quoted in Allan Gould’s “What Did They Think of the Jews,“ (New Jersey, 1997), pages.71-72.

On a personal level, I will always remember with deep affection and gratitude Harvey and Nina, two Jewish literary agents for whom I worked while living in London. Without their warm and unstinting encouragement, their patient support, and their freely given advice and assistance, I would never have become a writer of fiction. Harvey and Nina changed my life for the better, and I will never forget them. (And they also introduced me to the wonders of Earl Grey and Lapsang Souchong tea).

But regardless of who owns the media anywhere in the world today, this is the message they all put out:

Image borrowed from Deesillustration

Depressing, isn’t it?

Personally, I no longer watch TV - I call it the Time Vampire. And I buy no newspapers or magazines. I can get all the balanced news, information, and entertainment I need from the internet, thank you very much.

Link: “The 6 Monolithic Corporations that Control Almost Everything we Watch, Hear, and Read” - web-page from “The Economic Collapse” with a huge list of the subsidiaries controlled by the major corporations in the US. This information dates from 2010 so it’s slightly outdated, but still very educational.

Link: “Six Jewish Companies Own 96% of the World’s Media” - web-page from The Journal of History, Spring 2010, author unknown.

Link: “How Jewish is Hollywood?” An opinion piece in the Los Angeles Times piece by Joel Stein, 19 December 2008.

Link: “Jews DO Control the Media.” An opinion piece by Manny Friedman (pseudonym), The Times of Israel, 1 July 2012.


The two most disturbing problems in the field of education today are the content and techniques used in curricula, and the deep penetration of multinational corporations through funding into higher education, especially agriculture, medicine, and science.

First, let’s take a look at curriculum manipulation. UNESCO’s stance throws some light on this:

“Generally, more highly educated people, who have higher incomes, consume more resources than poorly educated people, who tend to have lower incomes. In this case, more education increases the threat to sustainability” - Education for Sustainable Development Toolkit, page 12, Education for Sustainable Development in Action, UNESCO Education Sector, 2006.

We’ll return to this on a later page, but please keep it in mind as we go through this topic.

Charlotte Iserbyt was the first to realise that American children were being deliberately dumbed down. Her book, “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America,” became an international best-seller. Ms Iserbyt is uniquely qualified in this area, having served as a Senior Policy Advisor in the Office of Educational Research and Improvement, and as a State Department staffer.

Her book proves that changes gradually made in the American public education system are designed to eliminate the influences of parents (religious beliefs, morals, patriotism), and mould the child into a member of the proletariat in preparation for a socialist-collectivist future. She shows that these changes originated from plans formulated by the Rockefeller General Education Board and the Andrew Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Education, and details the psychological tricks used to implement them.

The book has now been made available on the internet as a free downloadable PDF.

Link: Free downloadable PDF version of Charlotte Iserbyt’s “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America.”

Video: Alex Jones interview Charlotte Iserbyt in 2010 on the ongoing deliberate dumbing down of America - including the latest mind-numbing bombshell she’s discovered: the end of the free market that means your children will have no upward mobility, and no future. And how the elite ruling families really want your kids to commit suicide (44 minutes).

But it’s not just America that has done this.

Video: “Charlotte Iserbyt: The Deliberate Dumbing Down of the World” - an interview with the author that contains proof that this deliberate substitution of indoctrination for education is actually happening all over the world. And she updates America’s status in the race to dumb down future generations. This is truly scary stuff (63 minutes).

And she reveals the roots of this policy. After viewing this, I initially found what she was saying pretty far-fetched. So I researched Operation Paperclip. This was a CIA plan to get Nazi scientists into the US after the end of the war in order to prevent them from falling into Soviet hands.

What I found shocked me. Everyone is pretty much aware that Werner von Braun, who headed the US Space Program, was originally the man in charge of Nazi rocketry. Some 900 Nazi rocket scientists were taken to the US.

But how many people know that 200 Nazi mind control scientists and an unknown number of bacteriological warfare experts were also brought in and placed in US intelligence, weapons development, science, and technology organisations? Some of them were also placed into universities and research institutes.

Here’s what Ms Iserbyt discovered:

Video: “Nazis did not lose World War 2” - Charlotte Iserbyt’s incisive research into the roots of what’s happened to American education - and where the ideas and techniques originally came from. And she reveals the hidden truth about the US-Soviet relationship during the Cold War (58 minutes).

Link: “Educate Yourself” web-page on The Order of the Skull and Bones, “a death cult at the heart of the US establishment.”

But Charlotte Iserbyt is not the only one who knows what’s going on.

Video: “The Underground History of American Education” - John Taylor Gatto is a former New York public school teacher who resigned to investigate US and global state education systems. Here’s his astonishing report (164 minutes).

We’re not finished yet.

Video: Dr. Michio Kaku is an American theoretical physicist, the Henry Semat Professor of Theoretical Physics in the City College of New York, and a world-renowned futurist. He says, “The US has the worst education system known to science” (four minutes).

Want more?

Video: A KGN defector reveals the four steps that must be taken to subvert the future through education. Interview by G. Edward Griffin (nine minutes).

Here’s another wide awake man.

Video: University lecturer and researcher Jim Marrs reveals the secret societies and organisations who control the US - and the world. And he shows how they control education so your children will be obedient and unquestioning (86 minutes).

Finally, a British perspective.

Video: David Icke on on the truth about the human brain and how it is programmed by sinister forces who impose upon us a completely false reality - and posits some reasons why it’s being done. With examples of the indoctrination through education of our children (27 minutes).

David Icke mentions some subjects that may confuse you. Don’t worry - I’ll explain on a later page.

Link: How Monsanto and other giant corporations have gained control over higher education in agriculture. Dr. Mercola on a report from Food and Water Watch.

Link: “Public Research, Private Gain - Corporate Influence Over University Agricultural Research” - downloadable PDF version of the Food and Water Watch report.

Link: Mind-boggling web-page from the American Deception website featuring 144 downloadable PDF files of research papers and government documents relating to education in the US.

Link: “Texas Republicans Seek to Ban Critical Thinking in Public Schools” - an article by Devon G. Peña published on the AlterNet website.

If you’ve ever read George Orwell’s novel “1984” you’ll know what I’m talking about when I say that international governments now fully subscribe to and have implemented the book’s main themes:

War is peace.

Freedom is slavery.

Ignorance is strength.

So media is propaganda, subtle deception, blatant lies, mind-numbing distraction, and programming through the induction of light trance states - which can be proven by electro-encephalographic techniques.

In these light hypnotic states, everything we watch and listen to gains direct access to our subconscious minds.

And thus to our immune systems.
Read on to continue the story...