Blinded by the Light?

Uploaded: 21 Jul 2012

The unlawful global aerial spraying of aerosols is intended to reduce the amount of sunlight falling upon the earth.

The public are sold the lie that this must be done to curb global warming. Since I’ve already shown you that this is a big fat lie, and we’ve dealt with much of this area on the “Air” page, I won’t repeat myself here, except to note with dismay that the lie is now being taught in America’s schools to indoctrinate children, and through them, their parents and families. This is exactly what the Nazis did in pre-war Germany.

Please remember this because it’s not the only area where children are being exploited in this way.

Some 3,100 of the world top weather scientists - none of whom are environmental activists - have now come out to challenge the whole global warming theory. Here are quotes from some of them:

“It is a blatant lie put forth in the media that makes it seem there is only a fringe of scientists who don’t buy into anthropogenic global warming”
- Dr. Stanley B. Goldenberg, meteorologist with the Hurricane Research Division/AOML/NOAA, located in Miami, Florida. He is one of the lead authors of NOAA's Seasonal Hurricane Outlooks for the Atlantic basin.

“[I]’ve seen gross, gross blatant censorship. If you’re...from the media I’d be glad to argue with you from first-hand experience. I challenge anybody from a mainstream media source to take or print a positive report on this conference. They won’t get it past the editor. If they do, miracles do happen”
- Dr. Stanley B. Goldenberg.

“Not a single, to my knowledge – not a single scientist at the National Hurricane Center, the Hurricane Research Division, the Joint Typhoon Warning Center – I’m trying to find out about the Central Pacific Hurricane Center – believe that hurricanes – numbers, activity – that there’s any measurable impact from any so-called global warming”
- Dr. Stanley B. Goldenberg.

“Just because climate change has happened doesn’t mean AGW (anthropogenic, or man-made, global warming). Just because weather disasters happen doesn’t mean AGW. And an inconvenient truth that most of the media are speaking of, CAGW - that’s very important. They’re not just talking about AGW, but catastrophic [anthropogenic global warming]. If we just have a little bit of warming from man-made causes, nobody really cares, but they’re talking about it’s going to be catastrophic”
- Dr. Stanley B. Goldenberg

“I am a warming has become a new religion. We frequently hear about the number of scientists who support it. But the number is not important: only whether they are correct is important. We don't really know what the actual effect on the global temperature is. There are better ways to spend the money.”
- Dr. Ivar Giaever PhD, winner of the 1973 Nobel Prize for Physics.

“[[Global warming is] a scam...a pseudoscientific fraud”
- Prof. Hal Lewis, University of California.

“[it} is the worst scientific scandal in history...When people come to know what the truth is, they will feel deceived by science and scientists”
- Prof. Kiminori Itoh, environmental physical chemist.

“Contrary to common belief, there has been no or little global warming since 1995 and this is shown by two completely independent datasets...So far, real measurements give no ground for concern about a catastrophic future warming”
- Dr. Jarl R. Ahlbeck, chemical engineer and former GreenPeace member, Abo Akademi University.

“The most Antarctic sea ice on record was recorded in 2007. Did you see that [that] reported in the news?”
- Dr. Richard Keen, Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Science, University of Colorado.

“[Climate fear promoters] are woefully misinformed, over-impressed with themselves, or less than honest”
- Dr. Walter Starck PhD, Marine Science.

“I count myself among the skeptics. My personal belief is that natural forcings have more importance than anthropogenic forcings such as the CO2 level”
- Dr. Keneth Rundt, PhD, Physical Chemistry.

“[We] do not know enough about the atmospheric changes [to] draw any conclusions about global warming”
- Prof. Wayne Hocking, University of Western Ontario.

“Even doubling or tripling the amount of CO2 will have little impact on temperatures”
- Prof Geoffrey G. Duffy, Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering, University of Auckland.

“We think that natural climatic oscillations contribute more to earth climatic disturbances”
- Prof. Ahmed Boucenna, Ferhat Abbas University.

“Many [scientists] are now searching for a way to back out quietly [from promoting warming fears], without having their professional careers ruined”
- James A. Peden, atmospheric physicist, formerly of the Space Research and Coordination Center.

“For how many years must the planet cool before we begin to understand that the planet is not warming? For how many years must cooling go on?”
- Prof. David G. Gee, Department of Earch Sciences-Geophysics, Uppsala University.

“The collapse of the ‘consensus’ has been driven by reality. The inconvenient truth is that the earth's temperatures have flat-lined since 2001, despite growing concentrations of CO2. Peer-reviewed research has debunked doomsday scenarios about the polar ice caps, hurricanes, malaria, extinctions, rising oceans. A global financial crisis has politicians taking a harder look at the science that would require them to hamstring their economies to rein in carbon”
- Article in The Wall Street Journal, 2011.

“Thanks to misreading the significance of a brief period of rising temperatures at the end of the 20th century, the Western world (but not India or China) is now contemplating measures that add up to the most expensive economic suicide note ever written. How long will it be before sanity and sound science break in on what begins to look like one of the most bizarre collective delusions ever to grip the human race?”
- Article by Christopher Booker in The Telegraph, 2009.

Fact: carbon dioxide is not a pollutant - it is a necessary reactant in plant photosynthesis, and so is essential for life on Earth.

And for Al Gore, author of “An Inconvenient Truth,” here’s another inconvenient truth - he stands to become the world’s first carbon billionaire by investing in companies that benefit from the energy and climate policies he urged the US Congress to adopt. He also made $18 billion from his investment, along with Goldman Sachs, in the now-defunct Chicago Climate Exchange, a body set up to handle an anticipated trading boom in carbon credits that never happened thanks to the cap-and-trade implosion.

Still believe there’s any difference between Democrats and Republicans?

To think I actually bought this chancer’s book...

And just so you know exactly who’s running the whole geoengineering show - it’s John Holdren, Science Advisor to President Barak Obama.

Holdren wrote a book entitled “Ecoscience” in 1977 which details what he says governments will need to do for a sustainable planet. Here are some horrifying extracts:

Page 837: Compulsory abortions would be legal.

Page 786: Single mothers should have their babies taken away by the government; or they could be forced to have abortions.

Pages 787/8: Mass sterilization of humans though drugs in the water supply is OK as long as it doesn’t harm livestock.

Pages 786/7: The government could control women’s reproduction by either sterilizing them or implanting mandatory long-term birth control.

Page 838: The kind of people who cause “social deterioration” can be compelled to not have children.

Page 838: Nothing is wrong or illegal about the government dictating family size.

Pages 942/3: A “Planetary Regime” should control the global economy and dictate by force the number of children allowed to be born.

Page 917: We will need to surrender national sovereignty to an armed international police force.

Page 749: Pro-family and pro-birth attitudes are caused by ethnic chauvinism.

Page 944: As of 1977, we are facing a global overpopulation catastrophe that must be resolved at all costs by the year 2000.

Does any of this remind you of someone with a funny little moustache? Didn’t the US and the UK go to war to fight totalitarian evil like this?

It seems that, thanks to Operation Paperclip, the Nazis didn’t really lose the war in 1945 - they simply changed locations.

Link: The number of scientists joining the chorus of global warming sceptics is growing daily, according to the Wall St. Journal.

Link: “The Real Climate Change Catastrophe” - Christopher Booker reveals how a handful of scientists, who have pushed flawed theories on global warming for decades, now threaten to take us back to the Dark Ages.

Link: Here’s why global warming is a hoax - an article by James A. Peden.

Link: Open letter to Ban-Ki Moon, UN Secretary-General, from 100 of the world’s top weather scientists who say that the UN Climate Conference in Bali in 2007 took the world in “entirely the wrong direction.”

Link: Website of the International Climate Science Coalition, a non-partisan group of independent scientists, economists and energy and policy experts who are working to promote better understanding of climate science and policy worldwide.

The Importance of Light

As you know, sunlight is composed of many different colours which can be split using a prism. From longest wavelength to shortest, those colours are (functions in bold and underlined are particularly important for all infestation sufferers):

A. Red
Importance for health:
1. Stimulates the sensory nervous system which energises the senses.
2. Stimulates and builds liver function.
3. Builds blood platelets and haemoglobin.
4. Causes rapid expulsion of debris through the skin.
Counteracts burns from x-rays or ultraviolet radiation.

B. Orange
Importance for health:
1. Respiratory stimulant and lung builder.
2. Thyroid stimulant and builder.
3. Parathyroid depressant.
4. Antispasmodic (relieves muscle cramps and spasms).
5. Stimulates mammary glands for nursing.
6. Stimulates stomach.
7. Assists vomiting when emesis is required.
8. Relieves flatulence.
9. Builds bones.
10. Corrects rickets.
11. Tissue stimulant and decongestant.

C. Yellow
Importance for health:
1. Stimulates the motor nervous system which energises the muscles.
2. Builds nerves for sensory and motor systems.
3. Stimulates the lymphatic system.
4. Stimulates human tissue (mildly).
5. Stimulates intestines, pancreas, and digestive fluids production - bile, hydrochloric acid, etc.
6. Stimulates healthy bowel movements.
7. Regulates overactive spleen.
8. Combats depression.
9. Expels worms and parasites (antihelminthic).

D. Green
Importance for health:
1. Cerebral and physical equilibration.
2. Pituitary gland stimulation and equilibration.
3. Stimulates muscle and tissue rebuilding.
4. Destroys microorganisms, germs, bacteria, and cleanses and prevents decay.

E. Blue
Importance for health:
1. Relieves itching as well as irritation of abraded skin.
2. Encourages perspiration.
3. Mild sedative.
4. Reduces or cures fever and inflammation.
5. Stimulates pineal gland.
6. Builds vitality.

F. Indigo
Importance for health:
1. Parathyroid builder and stimulant.
2. Thyroid depressant.
3. Respiratory depressant.
4. Causes contraction, controls abscesses, lessens secretions, arrests discharges and haemorrhage.
5. Boosts immune system by stimulation of phagocyte production.
6. Mammary gland depressant.
7. Eases pain, lessens over-excitement and over-activity.

G. Violet
Importance for health:
1. Stimulates and builds spleen.
2. Decreases muscular activity, including the heart.
3. Lymphatic glands and pancreas depressant.
4.Tranquillises by reducing nervous system activity.
5. Boosts immune system by promoting production of leucocytes.

All spectrum information is taken from the book “Let There Be Light” by Darius Dinshah S-C N.

Indoor Lighting

Energy-saving light bulbs have recently been made compulsory in most nations throughout the world. Since manufacturers have now tooled up to meet this demand, incandescent bulbs are no longer being made.

Human beings evolved under full spectrum sunlight, and incandescent bulbs mimic this closely.

All so-called energy-efficient bulbs are almost completely deficient in the yellow component of the spectrum. You can easily see this for yourself - check these three images taken from the Dinshah Health Society website.


Above is the spectrum of natural sunlight. You can see that all the above seven colours are present with all their gradations.


Here’s the spectrum emitted by a neodymium bulb like Chromalux or GE Reveal. Notice that yellow has been removed altogether, and both red, green, and indigo bands are smaller, with blue considerably bigger (continual exposure to high levels of blue light causes photoretinosis, exacerbates age-related macular degeneration, and apoptosis in human foetal RPE cells).


And this is the spectrum of a fluorescent which claims to be full spectrum (OttLite). Notice that all the colour bands are different in size and intensity. There are also areas of weak or missing energy as well as lines of energy too intense to be depicted. Most CFL bulbs emit a very similar spectrum.

Video: CFL bulbs have other health liabilities, too - some emit ultraviolet radiation which can burn your skin severely if you sit too close to one for more than 60 minutes. And they are also responsible for what’s called “dirty electricity” which is very damaging to your health (eight minutes).

We’ll go into the topic of dirty electricity in more detail on the next page.

CFL light bulbs are also highly implicated in other health problems.

Video: Do you suffer from migraines? Lack of energy and vitality? Doctors talk about their own personal experiences with CFL light bulbs. And Dr. Magda Havas, s world expert on EMFs, demonstrates the dangers to health in this Canadian news broadcast (seven minutes).

Please don’t kid yourself that all of this is about caring for the environment or saving the planet.

The manipulation of light in this way has the net effect of stressing and damaging your immune system by introducing illnesses to the healthy body.

Smell the coffee, friends. Time to wake up.
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