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Uploaded: 21 Jul 2012

Did you know that the American Medical Association is a privately owned corporation?

Or that it was effectively taken over in the early 1900s by John D. Rockefeller because his family had invested heavily in pharmaceutical companies and he wanted all doctors to use their products? (Today, over half of Big Pharma is controlled by the Rockefellers together with JP Morgan Chase).

That, funded by the drug corporations, a single medical monopoly was established in the US using the insurance industry, the Department of Justice, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the Internal Revenue Service (IRC), the US Postal Service, and other state and federal agencies?

That, as of 2009, the global pharmaceutical market was worth more than $837 billion - and it’s expected to reach $1.1 TRILLION by 2014? If you compare this with the the Gross Domestic Product (the value of all output of a nation in one year) for 183 nations, Big Pharma would rank 15th.

That pharmaceutical-based medicine was found by the Congressional Office of Technology Assessment to be only 15-20% effective?

Or that the AMA was once led by a man who is responsible for more death and suffering than Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Pol Pot, Vlad Dracul (the model for Dracula, also known as Vlad the Impaler), and Genghis Khan combined?

And that a scholarship in this man’s name is awarded every year by the AMA?

Incredible? I’ll show you the facts about this supremely evil man later on another page.

A survey of almost 1,900 doctors in Health Affairs revealed that one-third did not agree with disclosing serious medical errors to patients, one-fifth did not agree that doctors should never lie to patients, 40% believed they should hide their financial relationships with drug and device companies, and one-tenth admitted they had lied to their patients in the past year.

According to Gary Null’s “Death by Medicine” report, “the AMA was complicit in suppressing the results of tobacco research. In 1964, when the Surgeon General's report condemned smoking, the AMA refused to endorse it, claiming a need for more research. What they really wanted was more money, which they received from a consortium of tobacco companies that paid the AMA $18 million over the next nine years during which the AMA said nothing about the dangers of smoking.

“The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), ‘after careful consideration of the extent to which cigarettes were used by physicians in practice,’ began accepting tobacco advertisements and money in 1933. State journals such as the New York State Journal of Medicine also began to run advertisements for Chesterfield cigarettes that claimed cigarettes are ‘just as pure as the water you drink…and practically untouched by human hands.’

“In 1948, JAMA argued ‘more can be said on behalf of smoking as a form of escape from tension than against it…there does not seem to be any preponderance of evidence that would indicate the abolition of the use of tobacco as a substance contrary to the public health.’ Today, scientists continue to use the excuse that more studies are needed before they will support restricting the inordinate use of drugs.”

Dr. Null’s report also states that 106,000 people die in America every years as a direct result of the proper administration by a doctor of prescribed drugs, and 2.2 million are seriously injured.

And we trust these killers, liars, and thieves with our lives and the lives of our children every day?

It’s truly astonishing how easily we allowed ourselves to be led astray by the real snake-oil salesmen.

Link: “It is time for us to own up to our shortcomings...and we must start by acknowledging a hard fact: doctors sometimes don’t know best.” New York Times essay by Dr. Peter B. Bach MD on why doctors are unlikely to reduce their fondness for outdated (and expensive) cancer screening tests despite new scientific studies.

Link: The strange case of the missing mouse retrovirus and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. How a scientist found an infectious cause for a disease labelled delusional by the CDC while others scrambled to discredit her findings. Replete with allegations of theft, embezzlement, and management malpractise - but her research continues despite being arrested and jailed for a short time. From the New York Times.

Link: Dr. David Healy is a professor of psychiatry, psychopharmacologist, scientist, and author of “Pharmageddon,” a caustic look at the doctored data, skewed drug trials, and rigged treatment guidelines of the pharmaceutical industry. Manned by an international team of medical professors, doctors, scientists, and investigative writers, his website,, helps patients, doctors, and pharmacists research drugs and their side effects. An excellent and much-needed website.

Link: “They swallowed our story, hook, line, and sinker” - Pfizer research director’s email to a colleague on learning that an important medical conference had just featured a study which claimed that arthritis drug Celebrex was safer than more established drugs. From The New Yorl Times, 24 June 2012.

Link: “Why Your Doctor’s Advice May be Fatally Flawed” - Dr. Mercola reports that, according to a new paper by Illinois University researchers, almost 75% of all retracted drug studies were due to scientific misconduct including data falsification or fabrication, plagiarism, unethical author conduct, or questionable veracity.

Link: PharmedOUT is a Georgia University Medical Centre project that provides education about pharmaceutical marketing practices to healthcare professionals and advocates pharma-free CME.

I had hoped to feature a video critical of the AMA here. Astonishingly, despite huge global dissatisfaction with allopathic medicine, and the continuing exodus of patients to naturopathic and homeopathic doctors, there isn’t a single one on YouTube. Note that YouTube is owned by Google, another giant multinational corporation that essentially owns the global information search business.

During the course of my research, I’ve also noticed that most “controversial” material on YouTube is slower to stream and more subject to technical glitches than fluff pieces and entertainment. I believe this is because they place it on a slower server. And the really hard-hitting stuff always seems to contain a glitch that simply stops the movie part way through.

They’re prepared to host material like this because if they refused to, it would constitute censorship. But they can prevent or discourage you from viewing it and claim it’s your ISP’s fault or that your computer or browser isn’t set up properly.

Google’s corporate motto is “Don’t do evil.”


But what can you expect from a company that has extensive ties with the CIA?

"Unless we put medical freedom into the Constitution, the time will come when medicine will organize itself into an undercover dictatorship. To restrict the art of healing to doctors and deny equal privileges to others will constitute the Bastille of medical science. All such laws are unAmerican and despotic" - Dr. Benjamin Rush, Declaration of Independence signatory, 1776.

Now, here’s evidence from Dr. Gary Null that the FDA is a criminal organisation that flouts American law and the Constitution every day with gunpoint Gestapo-like raids on health supplement makers, organic farmers, and even the Amish community for selling unpasteurised (raw) milk. Some have received extraordinary jail sentences, and others have actually been tortured while under interrogation.

The object? To prevent
YOU from being able to buy healthy natural food - or even grow it in your own garden.

Why? To make you sick and keep you dependent on medicine and pharmaceuticals.

“The land of the free and the home of the brave”?

Well, it’s free no longer, and it
better become the home of the brave very soon. Otherwise, it’s about to become exactly what Mussolini envisaged when he invented Fascism - a corporatocracy. Rule of the corporations, for the corporations, and by the corporations. And millions of ordinary Americans will be their slaves. (I’ll show you more proof of this on a later page).

Video: Premiere screening of Dr. Null’s 2012 documentary “The War on Health: the FDA’s Cult of Tyranny” (125 minutes).

Link: Books, movies, and articles on Big Pharma, AMA, and FDA corruption, plots to create new diseases, contaminate vaccines, and how they conspire to make you ill - and keep you that way. A large list, the vast majority written by honest doctors and scientists, each with short reviews.

Link: How the AMA stole control of America’s health - a startling and shameful story of greed, corruption, elimination of consumer choice, suppression of medical charities, distortion of health insurance, domination and control of medical education, and deception on a mass scale. An article by Lew Rockwell, president of the Ludwig von Mises Institute.

Link: How the AMA and medical education is effectively controlled through the billions showered upon it by the Rockefeller Foundation, the Carnegie Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the Kellogg Foundation, the Sloan Foundation, the Macy Foundation, and the Commonwealth Fund (a Rockefeller creation set up by Standard Oil). “He Who Pays the Piper - Creation of the Modern Medical (Drug) Establishment” - by author and cancer researcher Edward G. Griffin.

Link: “Big Money, the FDA, and Drugs Companies” - an excellent website that follows the money trail and reveals the venality, deceit, and corruption endemic in every facet of American medicine.

Link: SourceWatch page on the AMA’s long list of shameful actions.

Link: How the AMA sought to outlaw chiropractic medicine through the courts - and lost. The judgement in full from OpenJurist.

Link: How the Rockefeller empire sprang from an opiates peddler, snake oil salesman, indicted rapist, and fake doctor, self-described as a “celebrated cancer specialist” - William Avery Rockefeller, the father of John D. Rockefeller Sr. An astonishing embedded movie (eight minutes) and transcript from The Corbett Report.

Link: A New York Times article on how the biography of John D. Rockefeller Sr. came to be written. And how his snake-oil salesman father was an adulterer, a bigamist, and a profligate who shaped his son’s life and personality.

Now, where to begin?

OK, next time you take a prescription drug - or even an OTC one - read the insert for the side effects. Many of them have up to a hundred, none pleasant. Some even have side effects that should, logically speaking, be mutually exclusive, such as constipation and diarrhoea.

I’ve only been able to find a single pharmaceutical drug that has no undesirable side effects - an anti-fungal called nystatin. Its only drawback is that many doctors know very little about anti-fungal drugs, and consequently are uncomfortable prescribing it.

So much for medical post-graduate self-education.

And please remember this scientific fact: all disease is facilitated by acidification of the body, including cancer.

Let’s take osteoporosis as an example.

When your body is acidified, it will immediately remove calcium from your bones into the bloodstream in order to neutralise the acid as quickly as possible.

Think about that for a moment. The human body treats acidification so seriously that it is willing to sacrifice the well-being of its own framework to counteract it.

Now consider this:

All pharmaceutical drugs acidify the body.

Every single one.

Obviously, it would be impossible for us to examine every pharmaceutical drug under the sun, so we’ll just have to pick a few areas to look at.


Penicillin was the first antibiotic. It was discovered in 1928 by Sir Alexander Fleming, for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1945.

Although it has been hailed as the most efficacious life-saving drug in the world, penicillin was indirectly responsible for the suppression of a new type of medicine that was conclusively proven to cure ALL diseases (including cancer) and kill all pathogens known to man (again, I’ll cover this topic later on another page).

The latest statistics show that antibiotics are the single largest class of drugs that cause fatal liver damage. Drug-caused liver injury accounts for about 13% of cases of acute liver failure in the US and is the most common cause of death from acute liver failure. “Acute” means that it’s sudden and unexpected. Liver injury like this can be caused by a wide range of prescription and non-prescription medications, nutritional supplements and herbal products.

In a new study, Indiana University School of Medicine researchers found that 73% of cases were caused by a single prescription medication, 9% by dietary supplements, and 18% by multiple agents. (Yes, you even need to check out your supplements for possible liver injury dangers. In this case, Google is your friend. Just enter “dangers of” followed by the supplement name or ingredient in the search box).

So just let me repeat that astonishing fact - 73% of all deaths from acute liver failure were caused by antibiotics.

The top culprits were tetracycline, sulphonamides, penicillins, isoniazid, nitrofurantoin (Macrobid), macrolides (erythromycin type), and clavulanic acid (Augmentin).

Antibiotics work by killing bacteria in the body that are thought to be causing the disease under treatment. The drawback is that they are not sufficiently well-targeted drugs. Consequently, they also attack the good bacteria in the gut that form 70% of your immune system, as well as some of its other components. This is why you should always take a high-dose course of pro-biotics like acidophilus immediately after completing antibiotic treatment. Or ask your doctor to prescribe the anti-fungal drug nystatin to take at the same time.

I used to believe it was GP’s weakness, impatience, and stupidity that was responsible for the vast over-prescription of these drugs, causing pathogens to mutate, and thus rendering antibiotics useless, leading ultimately to the development of “superbugs,” ironically most commonly contracted in hospitals.

I no longer believe that.

I believe that over-prescription was deliberately engineered by Big Pharma to generate obscene profits and to force pathogen mutation so that new antibiotics could be developed for even more obscene profits.

Today, human health is the second biggest industry on earth, and the astronomical profits generated by Big Pharma rival the Gross Domestic Product of many large nations.

Link: Article by Doug Kaufmann and Dave Holland MD taken from their book “The Fungus Link, Volume 2,” hosted by Dr. Mercola. The dangers of antibiotics. And why anti-fungal drugs and pure water are a good idea if you have to take them.

Link: Web-page by Lawrence Wilson MD on antibiotic myths and dangers. They should, he states, only be used as a last resort. Plus, how to reduce the need for them, alternative ways to effectively deal with infections, and other hints and tips.

Link: A deadly strain of the hospital superbug MRSA has now become resistant to the last line of antibiotic defence, Vancomycin. “'In roughly the place where...bacteriocin genes are missing is a unique cluster of genes that encode enterotoxins - proteins that attack the human host.” Mutation - or bioengineered? You decide.


All selective-serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) like Prozac contain fluoride compounds. We’ve already dealt with fluorides in the section on Water, so you will remember that their cognitive effects act to induce docility and calm.

You will also remember that fluorides attack the immune system.

SSRI anti-depressants also increase levels of serotonin in the brain, a chemical that controls mood.

Interestingly, one of their side effects is suicide ideation - essentially, you start to think about killing yourself.

Please remember this side effect. It will become important in later pages.

And another side effect is now starting to come to light - murder ideation.

According to a BBC report, a Canadian study found that women on SSRIs were twice as like to have a stillbirth, and twice as likely to have a low birth weight baby. Almost 20% of those women gave birth prematurely, and full-term babies were also like to have seizures.

In 2005, a joint US-Danish study found that their use in the first three months of pregnancy was linked to a 40% increase in risk of birth defects.

And a Spanish study discovered that babies born to these mothers were at risk of being born with withdrawal symptoms - just like the babies of heroin and crack cocaine addicts.

Eli Lilly, the manufacturers of Prozac, said that they had never promoted this drug for pregnant or nursing mothers. How considerate of them. So where did these women get their SSRIs from? Drug dealers?

Yes. Their doctors.

Now, how depressing is that?

Physician and psychologist Leonard Sax has written extensively about ADHD. He states that stimulant drugs like Adderall, Ritalin, Concerta, Metadate, Vyvanse, Focalin, and Daytrana can cause lasting changes to areas of the developing brain that host dopamine receptors, in particular the nucleus accumbens.

This is the area of the brain that’s crucial for drive and motivation.

Dr. Sax writes: “One might reasonably wonder why the leaders of child and adolescent psychiatry have not done more to bring the potential risks of stimulant medications to public attention. For example, consider Dr. Joseph Biederman, chief of pediatric psychopharmacology at Massachusetts General Hospital: far from warning about these medications, he strenuously encourages their use.

“Indeed, Dr. Biederman was the first to suggest the analogy between the use of stimulant medications for children with ADHD and the use of insulin for diabetics. We now know that Dr. Biederman accepted more than $1,100,000 in undisclosed payments from the drug companies. He was in fact a well-paid spokesperson for the drug companies; he just didn’t let us in on that fact.”

Link: Dr. Sax’s article on ADHD stimulant drugs and the case of Dr. Biederman.

Link: “Expert or Shill?” New York Times editorial on the Biederman affair.

Link: Artist David Kramer tells how an anti-depressant prescribed to help him give up smoking cigarettes brought him to the brink of suicide. From The New York Times.

Did you know that grieving for a deceased loved one for more than two weeks is now classed as a mental illness? And that half of all US citizens will be diagnosed with a mental illness during their lifetime? Here’s why:

Video: “Making a Killing: the Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugging.” In 1967, leading psychiatrists met in Puerto Rico to plan their vision of the future. Psychiatrist Wayne O. Evans said this: “[We] see a developing potential for nearly a total control of human emotional status, mental functioning, and will to act.” How sinister is that? (95 minutes).

The history of psychiatry is littered with barbaric “treatments.” Bleeding patients with knives or leeches in earlier days gave way to the removal of organs like tonsils, spleen, or even the stomach in the belief that these organs controlled our mental states.

Then came the pre-frontal lobotomy - the physical destruction of the frontal lobes of the brain (and the patient’s personality) using a hammer and surgical chisel. This was followed by electro-convulsive “therapy.”

Video: Today, the preferred psychiatric instrument of torture is the so-called “soft” or “temporary” lobotomy using psychotropic drugs. Has psychiatry finally got it right? No - it’s yet another disaster. “The Marketing of Madness: the Truth About Psychotropic Drugs” (178 minutes).

I’ve already dealt with the dangers and side effects of antipsychotics on another page, so I won’t repeat myself here. But here’s a link to a whole bunch of recent articles on antipsychotics.

Link: “BMJ admits antipsychotic drugs kill far more people than terrorism,” and “US soldiers dangerously over-medicated with antipsychotic drugs.” Plus many other psychotropic drugs horror stories.

Link: Johnson & Johnson fined $1.1 billion after being found guilty of concealing the dangers of Risperdal (Risperidone), and almost a quarter of a million violations of Medicaid fraud law. They were also fined a further $11 million for almost 5,000 violations of deceptive practices laws.

Link: A 10-year-old boy hangs himself after taking Ritalin and Prozac. US health officials speak out on the dangers of widespread drugging of children.

Link: Underground Health Reporter investigates the links between junk food and depression. Other causes: herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, antibiotics, nitrates, preservatives, artificial colours/flavours, synthetic hormones, GM ingredients, food irradiation, artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, processed foods, simple sugars, carbohydrates, and refined grains.


Statins are drugs that lower cholesterol. They constitute the largest single segment of the entire pharmaceutical business with sales of more than $200 billion globally every year.

There are now moves afoot to get completely healthy young people to take them daily “as a preventative.”

This is a classic example of Big Pharma fear-mongering. It’s yet another part in their strategy to convince you that all humans are born unhealthy, and only medicine - and pharmaceutical drugs - can help you reverse this.

In fact, the whole statin business is based on fear - the big lie that cholesterol causes heart attacks. It doesn’t. Another big lie is that lowering your cholesterol will make you live longer. It won’t.

Says Edward R. Pinckney, former co-editor of the Journal of the AMA, “If you have come to believe that you can ward off death from heart disease by altering the amount of ‘cholesterol’ in your blood, whether by diet or by drugs, you are following a regimen that still has no basis in fact. Rather, you have been taken in by certain commercial interests and health groups who are more interested in your money than your life.”

Paul Rosch, Clinical Professor of Medicine and Psychiatry, NY Medical College: “The public is so brainwashed that many people believe that the lower your ‘cholesterol’, the healthier you will be or the longer you will live. Nothing could be further from the truth...The ‘cholesterol’ cartel of drug companies, manufacturers of low-fat foods, blood testing devices, and others with huge vested financial interests have waged a highly successful promotional campaign.

“Their power is so great that they have infiltrated medical and governmental regulatory agencies that would normally protect us from such unsubstantiated dogma. Statin drugs have been aggressively promoted by the pharmaceutical industry and medical opinion leaders. The new guidelines were not written by disinterested scientists, but by members of the medical community who have received major grants from the pharmaceutical industry. The recommendations are based on distorted statistical analysis of relative risk reduction that mislead doctors and the public.

They are designed to turn healthy people into patients!”

“Saturated fats and cholesterol,” says Dr. George V. Mann MD, “are not the cause of coronary heart disease. That myth is the greatest scientific deception of this century [the 1900s], and perhaps of any century.” Dr. Mann is the author of “Coronary Heart Disease, the Dietary Sense and Nonsense.”

The only large clinical trial of statins was funded by the US government - and it found no statistically significant benefit at all.

Video: Cholesterol is yet another invented health problem to sell drugs known as statins. The so-called scientific truth that saturated fat causes high cholesterol - and thus heart disease - is based on bogus and fraudulent research (three minutes).

Here’s the truth: your body NEEDS cholesterol for healthy functioning. It’s essential for a healthy immune system, the production of Vitamin D3, sex hormones, and the skin’s lipid barrier. And it’s part of the body’s defense against cancer.

Vitamin D3 deficiency is also known to cause cancers and can lead to several kinds of autoimmune diseases.

Statins can cause a muscle disease called rhabdomyolysis. This is the physical destruction of muscle fibres and it first manifests as a light to moderate muscle pain. Left untreated, it will lead to severe kidney damage which can kill.

And all these are precisely the reasons that medicine and Big Pharma want you to lower your levels.

Interestingly, three statins - Lipitor, Mevacor, and Pravachol, have all been found to suppress vital parts of the immune system by new Swiss research.

But I won’t attempt to tell you the whole story of cholesterol, heart disease, and statins here because James Roguski has done a far better job than I ever could.

Link: A collection of 17 very short videos on the truth about cholesterol and statins (one to nine minutes each). Courtesy of James Roguski.

Link: “Your Doctor is a Liar - Learn the Truth about ‘Cholesterol’ Before Your Doctor Kills You!” a 498-page PDF book that’s freely downloadable. The science and research explained in layman’s terms, the truth about cholesterol testing, hundreds of quotes from eminent scientists and honest doctors testifying to Big Pharma’s lies and deceit for profit, and much more.

Link: Americans watched as Dr. Robert Jarvik, inventor of the artificial heart, encouraged them to take the Pfizer’s Lipitor to lower their cholesterol. The ads were pulled when "it turn[ed] out Jarvik isn’t a licensed heart doctor." US Representative John Dingell said, "It seems that Pfizer’s No. 1 priority is to sell lots of Lipitor, by whatever means necessary, including misleading the American people." From “25 Shocking Facts About the Pharmaceutical Industry” on the Nursing Education Online Database (2008).

Link: “Cholesterol Lowering Drugs Suppress Immune System” - researchers and media have focussed on the fact that these drugs may now be useful in transplant patients to suppress organ rejection: “This unexpected effect provides a scientific rationale for using statins as immunosuppressors, not only in organ transplantation, but in numerous other pathologies as well.” Dr. Mercola reports.

Link: Statins are a lie, says Dr. Al Sears MD. The Framington Heart Study, ongoing since the 1940s and considered the most reliable of all, proves that increasing cholesterol can reduce the risk of heart disease. And he shows you five ways to combat cardiac disease without using drugs.


Would you take a drug that caused the very thing it was supposed to prevent?

As I’ve already stated above, osteoporosis is not a real disease but yet another manufactured one. Osteopaenia is a milder form of it that, undiagnosed, can develop into full-blown osteoporosis. Both “diseases” are based solely on fracture risk statistics. They are more commonly diagnosed in women, and multiple vertebral fractures cause hyperkyphosis, commonly called “Dowager’s Hump.”

One in five men over the age of 50 will also suffer, a fact seemingly unknown to the Professor of Orthopaedics who treated me.

Both of these conditions can easily be corrected through diet.

After a comminuted distal tibial and fibular fracture (17 breaks in all), followed two years later by a spinal fracture (undetected by an obviously blind radiologist), my own osteoporosis was finally diagnosed. This happened back in the days when I still trusted conventional medicine to look after my health. My endocrinologist put me on an 18-month course of self-administered daily injections of Forsteo (Forteo in the US), a synthetic human growth hormone.

When this was tested in rats, it was found to cause osteosarcoma - bone cancer. It also causes oesophageal problems, nausea, vomiting, muscle pain, general weakness, and joint and chest pain. He then put me on Bonviva (Boniva in the US). Bonviva belongs to a class of drugs called biphosphonates. These chemicals are actually commonly used in industrial cleaning applications. They cause almost exactly the same side effects as Forsteo, plus a few extra nasties thrown in for good measure.

To help you understand all of this, I must explain how bones work:

Once your body has done all the growing it’s going to do, your bones don’t just remain inert. As the bone cells age, they die and must be be replaced by new ones. So two types of specialised bone cells get to work. The osteoclasts dig out and destroy the old cells, and osteoblasts do the job of building new ones in the old empty cell sites, using calcium from the food you eat.

Merck’s Manual states: “Osteoporosis is a systemic skeletal disease characterized by low bone mass and microarchitectural deterioration of bone, with a consequent increase in bone fragility and susceptibility to fracture.”

Medicine holds that this is caused by a lack of calcium, low oestrogen in women, low testosterone in men, other hormone imbalances, lack of Vitamin D, sedentary lifestyles, smoking, medications (naturally) like corticosteroids and anti-seizure drugs, certain genetic conditions, and over-indulgence in alcohol.

Wrong, as usual.

I’ve said above that the real cause of osteoporosis is an acidic diet which causes the body to extract calcium from the skeleton in order to neutralise the acid. Over time, and without diet correction, the osteoblasts can’t keep up with the osteoclasts and the result is bone pitting and honeycombing. So your bones become brittle - and break easier.

The treatment is common sense - eat more alkaline foods and fewer acid ones to keep your system on the alkaline side of the pH scale. This gives your body the chance to recalcify the bones by allowing the osteoblasts to catch up with the osteoclasts. Simple, isn’t it?

But that doesn’t make any money for Big Pharma. And doctors know zero about nutrition. So they automatically reach for the prescription pad.

And for five years I took that prescription - Bonviva. Until one day I saw a report in the New York Times about a woman who’d also been taking it for five years.

This unfortunate lady was standing in a subway train when she suddenly felt her thighbone snap in half.

Ironically, she was a doctor.

The FDA has now issued an Advisory Note to physicians that treatment with biphosphonates should be reviewed after five years of use.

Personally, I stopped taking Bonviva 18 months ago and switched to a diet-based regimen.

Twelve months ago, my endocrinologist pooh-poohed the diet approach. In mid-June, 2012, I returned for another appointment to get the results of my last DEXA scan and blood tests.

My bone density has increased more in 18 months of healthy eating than it did in six and a half years of dangerous drugs.

Case closed.

Seeing the writing on the wall, at least one pharmaceutical corporation has now proposed the use of slow-release fluoride in the treatment of osteoporosis. It has been known since the early 1980s that fluoride stimulates new bone growth. However, sometimes patients developed painful bone deformations, according to the Journal of the AMA [243:466, 1980]. The New England Journal of Medicine reported that “although fluorine may thicken bones, the bones are not any stronger. The new bone is weaker” - [32, #12, (1990): 802-09]. And again on 22 March 1990, it reported that Mayo Clinic researchers had found that fluoride treatment of osteoporosis increased bone fracture rate and fragility.

Link: Dr. Mercola on the bone-weakening consequences of biphosphonates.

Link: The diet and (gentle) exercise programmes I use come from the wonderful Vivian Goldschmidt, a former osteoporotic with an MA in Nutritional Sciences and Biochemistry. Her website, SaveOurBones, is a goldmine of free vital information, and her incredibly detailed Power Package plan costs just $67 at the time of writing. It was the best money I ever spent on my own health. If you suffer from osteoporosis or osteopaenia - or even if you just want to alkalise your diet with tasty and nutritious recipes and food plans, I can’t recommend Vivian highly enough.

Link: Doctors tell people with osteoporosis to drink lots more milk. So why do countries with the lowest consumption of dairy products also have the lowest incidence of bone fractures? And studies show that milk actually increases fracture risks. In all mammals, milk is designed for the young. Once weaned, they never drink it again. Drink almond, coconut, or rice milk instead. Vivian Goldschmidt debunks the milk myth.

“The countries with the highest rates of osteoporosis are the ones where people drink the most milk and have the most calcium in their diets. The connection between calcium consumption and bone health is actually very weak, and the connection between dairy consumption and bone health is almost nonexistent” - Amy Lanou PhD, Nutrition Director of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.


Not many things make my blood boil, but vaccines are right up there at the top of the list.

First, a little history:

In 1796, Edward Jenner noticed that milkmaids never suffered from smallpox. After investigation, he found that the women, because of their close contact with cows, had developed cowpox, a disease that’s far milder than smallpox caused by a related organism. And none of these women ever seemed to develop smallpox.

So he tried an experiment - he took pus from a cowpox sore on a needle and used it to scratch the skin of some of his subjects. The results? They never developed smallpox.

But some now question this, stating that smallpox had declined before vaccination was even introduced and that the vaccine actually created more cases than the disease itself. Please see Eleanor McBean’s research for more on this, linked below.

Since then, vaccines have been developed for many different diseases, with varying degrees of success.

Some vaccines work by using killed viruses to induce the immunisation response - and some use the live virus. This actually gives you the disease it’s supposed to prevent!

All vaccines contain foreign DNA, RNA, and proteins that may trigger new allergies and autoimmune diseases taken from bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast, bovine foetal serum, and monkey kidney tissues. They also contain mercury (in the form of thimerosal), aluminium, MSG, formaldehyde, and formalin. In many of them, cancer viruses, monkey viruses, and even HIV have been found.

The most controversial area is autism. The incidence of autism has gone from one in 10,000 before the introduction of mass vaccination to one in 150 today. And the US government now accepts that vaccines are dangerous. Since 1980, the childhood vaccination schedule has gone from 23 doses of seven vaccines up to 69 doses of 16 vaccines - an astonishing increase of 300% in 30 years. And there may be plans to increase that number up to 115 over a lifetime.

In most states of the US (and most countries of the world), vaccination for children is mandatory - and there are moves afoot to make it compulsory for EVERYONE.

Independent scientists have now shown mercury is known to cause autism - but this information rarely features in the mainstream media.

And vaccine manufacturers are protected by the US government against legal action for any damage caused by their products.

"According to a survey made in 1946 regarding the percentage of polio recoveries under the various methods of healing, we have this interesting report: 91-100% recover under certain chiropractic treatment...97-100% recover under correct hygienic treatment, 72% under Nurse Kenny treatment, 35% recover with no professional care, 17% under medical care" - Eleanor McBean.

Video: “Autism: Made in the USA” - Dr. Gary Null’s extraordinary documentary on the links between vaccination and autism (101 minutes).

And at the other end of the age scale, there is evidence that flu vaccination can lead to the development of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Video: Neurologist Dr. Russell Blaylock has investigated the connections between vaccines, death, and serious disease. His findings will shake your faith in the entire vaccination industry. Dr. Blaylock talks to Alex Jones on how vaccines hurt you and your children - he also deals with excitotoxins (80 minutes).

Link: “The Danger of Excessive Vaccination During Brain Development: The Case for a Link to Autism Spectrum Disorders” - research paper by Dr. Russell Blaylock.

Link: How top British gastroenterologist Dr. Andrew Wakefield was hounded and vilified by colleagues and the press after he linked the MMR vaccine to the development of autism and Crohn’s disease, despite the fact that 28 studies from across the globe supported his findings. Contains embedded video interview of Dr. Wakefield by Dr.Mercola (85 minutes).

So why do we never hear just how dangerous vaccines can be?

Censorship and suppression of information.

Interestingly, media baron Rupert Murdoch’s son James sits on the board of GlaxoSmithKline. In the UK, Sir Nigel David was the High Court judge who denied the parents of vaccine-damaged children the right to have claims agains vaccine makers heard in a real court of law. His brother is an executive board member of Elsevier, publishers of The Lancet, and also sits on the GlaxoSmithKline board.

Video: Dr. Maurice Hilleman was the world’s leading vaccine expert until his death. He was chief of Merck Pharmaceutical’s Vaccine Division. In this video, he discusses the dangers he found in vaccines - and the introduction of AIDS. What you are about to see and hear was cut from any public disclosure (10 minutes).

Vaccines, he says, must be considered “the bargain basement technology for the 20th century.” Remember, this is the world’s leading vaccines expert speaking.

Video: Fox News interviews infectious diseases expert Dr. Kent Holtorf and asks him : “Would you give this Swine Flu vaccine to your children?” (three minutes).

On a related note, I came across some research recently conducted on oncologists in the US. One of the questions asked was, “If you developed cancer, would you use chemotherapy and radiation to treat it?” Nine out of 10 said they would not. I also found a report that when a high-level AMA official’s wife developed cancer, he quietly took her to a naturopathic doctor instead of embarking on chemo and radiation. The naturopath cured her.

The AMA’s motto is obviously “Do as I say, not as I do.”

Unfortunately, I’ve somehow mislaid the URLs linking to this information. I will continue to look for these stories and bring them to you as soon as I find them again.

Video: Here’s a real rarity. Dr. Rebecca Carley is a surgeon and physician who abandoned allopathic medicine on realising that no one was actually being cured. When her only child was brain damaged after vaccination, she studied alternative medicine and learned how to reverse it. She calls vaccines “the true weapons of mass destruction” and says they seriously damage the immune system and cause cancer (86 minutes).

“Vaccine-induced diseases,” Dr. Carley says, “are the biggest epidemic the world has ever known.” She has offered a $10,000 reward to any vaccine promoter who will come on her internet radio show and refute her research. No one has volunteered to do so.

Link: Dr. Rebecca Carley’s website. Everything you need to know on one page.

Link: Embedded video and text. What about swine flu?Or bird flu? Dr. Shiv Chopra is now perhaps the world’s most qualified vaccine expert. He says “No flu vaccine has ever worked. Swine flu - we don’t even know [if] there is such a thing. These are all made-up things. The whole thing is a hoax.” Dr. Chopra is interviewed by Dr. Mercola.

Link: “Merck Accused of Lying About Vaccine Effectiveness” - the giant pharmaceutical corporation is accused of lies about the effectiveness of its mumps vaccine by TWO class-action lawsuits. One comes from two former Merck scientists, the other from Chatom Primary Care. Dr. Mercola reports. Contains embedded video interview with Barbara Loe Fisher, Health Initiative (28 minutes). Plus downloadable PDF transcript.

Link: Neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock’s scathing and incisive demolition of the Swine Flu pandemic hoax - he accuses the CDC (which he labels “the Minister of Fear”) of working overtime to peddle fear in order to panic people into taking the vaccine, and of changing their data collection methods when it became clear that Swine Flu was a damp squib. From Dr. Mercola’s website.

"There is no evidence that any influenza vaccine thus far developed is effective in preventing or mitigating any attack of influenza. The producers of these vaccines know that they are worthless, but they go on selling them anyway" - Dr. J. Anthony Morris (former Chief Vaccine Control Officer at the FDA).

“If you check the actual statistics, you will find that about 300 people TOTAL have died from the Swine Flu overall, and the 'normal' flu kills about 100 per DAY...And the ones who have died have (according to reports) all had other diseases that allowed the flu to overwhelm their capacity to heal” - Dr. Valerie Olmstead, NMD, “The Enlightened Medicine Show.”

And finally on vaccines, here’s Bill Gates. Yes, that Bill Gates.

Listen to Mr. Gates, the man responsible for unleashing vast hordes of computer viruses on the world (it’s called Windows because anyone can look in to see what you’ve got, and if they like that they see, they can enter with ease - click here for proof that NSA access keys were built into all versions of Windows from Windows 95 onwards).

Now he now wants to play with the real thing - live human viruses. Through his “philanthropic” foundation, he has donated billions to fund vaccine programs around the world.

Video: Bill Gates speaks at the TED 2010 conference. At first, it may seem to you that this video has nothing to do with vaccines. But please bear with me and listen very carefully to what he says. When you’ve picked yourself up off the floor, take a deep breath, and we’ll move on (four minutes).

Link: Dr. Mercola’s video library - please enter “vaccines” in the search box to access 82 short videos and interviews with experts. More amazing information here.

Link: How medicine and Big Pharma engineer so-called “pandemics.” An article by A. True Ott PhD ND.

Link: Dr. Ott’s astonishing letter to the Utah Department of Health - vaccination may be verified using RFID chips at state borders, airports, train stations, and road traffic choke points. And banks could refuse to allow non-vaccinated customers to enter their premises. Interestingly, President Barak Obama personally invested his own money in this technology almost 15 years ago. Coming soon to a vaccination station near you!

Link: “The Poisoned Needle - Suppressed Facts About Vaccination” by Eleanor McBean PhD ND. Written in 1957, this tells you everything you need to know about the “science” of vaccination - and how many doctors cast doubts on its efficacy and the now dubious germ theories behind it.

Link: Unbiased news and information about vaccines from the National Vaccination Information Center - Vaccine Watch Dog.

Link: How pharmaceutical corporations use bribery and fear on the medical profession to meet their targets for vaccine uptake. Dr. Mercola reports. With a jaw-dropping embedded 60 Minutes segment on disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff detailing the techniques he used to “own” politicians and their top aides (15 minutes).

"I'm talking about giving a gift to someone who makes a decision on behalf of the public…It is done every day, and it is still being done. The truth is that there are very few [Congress] members who I could even name, or even think of, who didn't, at some level, participate in that" - disgraced former Capitol Hill lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

Medicine’s Only Saving Grace

There is only one area of conventional medicine that is genuinely invaluable and truly excels at what it does.

If I’m ever seriously injured in a traffic accident, I certainly don’t want the ambulance to take me to a homeopath or a naturopath. I want to go where trauma medicine is practised - the emergency room of a hospital.

Every other area of medicine, especially psychiatry, is bogus, based on deliberately crippled science and compromised research, and downright dangerous to your health.

You will notice the almost total lack of pharmaceutical corporation involvement in the practise of trauma medicine - and its total control over all the other areas.

In its rush to scramble aboard the pharmaceutical gravy train, allopathic medicine has all but destroyed itself. And it has resulted in more than half of all US citizens now stating a preference for naturopathic, nutritional, and homeopathic medicine.

Which is exactly why these types of natural healing and health defence are now firmly centred in the FDA’s gunsights.

Ask yourself this: without pharmaceuticals, and with the production of natural, nutritious, organic food, who needs the FDA?

No one.

I rest my case.

Thalidomide, Vioxx, Avandia, Rezulin, Seldane, Baycol, Premarin, torcetrapib - the list of lethal drugs developed by pharmaceutical corporations, allowed onto the market by the FDA, and routinely prescribed by doctors is a long and shameful one.

"So long as people can be deluded into the acceptance of a practice so preposterous and pernicious, and so long as doctors are forced by circumstances to depend upon disease and its treatment for their livelihood, just that long may the people expect the supply of disease to meet the professional demand therefor. This is one of the established principles of trade, and the healing art is no exception” - Dr. Simon Louis Katzoff (“Timely Truths on Human Health,” 1921).

I believe I’ve shown that some of the most commonly-prescribed pharmaceuticals damage the human immune system, cause cancer, fertility problems and birth defects, and damage our health in innumerable other serious ways.

They can also kill us stone dead.

If you take them, you do so at your own risk. And you WILL take them, if the FDA has its way.
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