I Can Control You Totally

Uploaded: 21 Jul 2012

Yes, you read that right - I can control you totally. And it’s actually deceptively simple:

If I can get direct access to your immune system and your DNA, you’re mine, from birth to death.

How do I do that?

Easy. I just need to gain control over everything you put into (and onto) your body, and into your mind:

1. Food
From seed to supermarket shelf, virtually everything you eat is developed, planted, fertilised, treated for pests and weeds, harvested, processed, and marketed by giant multinational corporations.

Approval and regulation is controlled in the US by the FDA and the USDA. In Europe, the EFSA, composed of the Management Board, the Advisory Forum, the Scientific Committee, and the Scientific Panels, control approval and regulation. Other territories’ regulatory bodies generally follow recommendations by these bodies.

If I can control food, I have direct access to your immune system and your DNA.

2. Water
The human body is approximately 70-80% water. You may believe that water is a human right, but you’re wrong - water is a commodity. It’s collected, chemically treated, and transported either by giant multinational corporations or public utilities.

The private companies don’t own the water - they own the rights to treat it, market it, and deliver it. In other words, they control water.

Tap water is regulated by the Environmental Agency, while bottled water falls within the purlieu of the FDA.

If I can control private and public water supplies, I have direct access to your immune system and your DNA.

You can survive without food for about 30-50 days as long as you’re properly hydrated. You can go without water for 3-6 days. Without air, you will lose consciousness within 3-5 minutes. The next five minutes will cause progressive brain damage. After that, you will quickly start to die.

Oxygen levels in air have fallen from 35% in prehistoric times to 21% today in rural areas. In our polluted cities, levels can be as low as 12-17%.

Mechanisms that change the composition of air include industrial and transport pollution, deforestation, industrialised agriculture, changes in soil chemistry, oxidation of nitrogen, high-altitude aerosol spraying, and depletion of oceanic phytoplankton. All of these mechanisms are controlled by giant multinational corporations.

Air quality is regulated by the EPA.

If I can change the composition of air, I have direct access to your immune system and your DNA.

Drugs are developed, manufactured, and marketed by about 20 multinational corporations usually referred to as Big Pharma. Approval and regulation is controlled by the FDA. In other territories, including Europe - but excluding Russia and China - drug and food regulatory bodies all usually follow the lead of the FDA.

Access and administration is controlled by the AMA.

In other territories, again including Europe - but excluding Russia and China - the medical trade associations usually follow the lead of the AMA.

If I can control Big Pharma, the FDA, and the AMA, I have direct access to your immune system and your DNA.

Natural full-spectrum light is essential for human health. The amount of sunlight reaching the earth’s surface can be reduced through cloud formation by aerial spraying and by weather control using HAARP.

The nature of artificial light can be degraded by altering the spectrum of light emitted by bulbs.

If I can control light, I have direct access to your immune system and your DNA.

6. EMFs
Energy is everywhere - in the air, the ground, and the water. It is visible sunlight and invisible infrared and ultraviolet radiation. It is cosmic rays. It is x-rays. It is radio waves. It is even brain-waves and the electrical infrastructure that runs your body through the central nervous system, without which you would die instantly.

For you are not a chemical being, as medicine and most current science would have you believe - but an energy being.

But energy can be used for evil as well as for good. This particular type of energy is usually electromagnetic radiation, or ElectroMagnetic Frequencies (EMFs). It is produced by electricity generation and transmission, cell-phones, portable home phones, wireless computer networks and burglar alarms, microwave ovens, computer and TV screens, and so-called Smart Meters, now starting to proliferate throughout the US and Australia. There are other forms of energy, but most of these are not suitable for my purpose of control.

If I can control energy, I have direct access to your immune system and your DNA.

Globally, the growing of genetically modified cotton seems to have spread like wildfire. GM cotton DNA has been altered to enable it to produce its own pesticides. And, by weight, even “natural” cotton can consist of up to 20% chemical additives and extremely dangerous pesticides.

The idea of Smart Textiles, or wearable electronic and electromagnetic devices, have been with us for some time now. These include materials that sense how much light to absorb, textiles that monitor pulse and immune systems, gloves with microphones, sensors in mattresses, and clothing that controls body temperature.

If I can control textiles, I have direct access to your immune system and your DNA.

Personal & Home Care
The skin is the largest organ that human beings possess. In area, it’s about the same size as a standard room door. It protects your internal organs from chemical and physical trauma, ultraviolet radiation, and microorganism ingress. It regulates transdermal transport of water and electrolytes and prevents dehydration.

The stratum corneum takes the main role in these functions and it’s composed of corneocytes and a lipid matrix located in the intracellular space. This matrix is mainly made up of cholesterol, ceramides, and free fatty acids.

The skin is also a vital organ of waste elimination, and is often referred to as “the third kidney.” When the kidneys are overwhelmed with toxins and parasites, the skin goes into action and helps with their excretion. Given time, it can even expel encapsulated foreign bodies as big as bullets or fragments of shrapnel.

All the substances you put on your skin, for cleansing, smelling nice, looking your best - even toilet tissue - are made by giant multinational corporations. And that includes most of the ones labelled as organic.

Your home is where you spend more than half your life. You like to keep it safe and clean and sparkling, don’t you? So you use products from names you can trust. Big multinational corporation names.

If I can control what you put on your skin, and what you spray in your home, I have direct access to your immune system and your DNA.

Direct Input
The human immune system is part of the autonomic nervous system. This controls those bodily functions which are not due to any conscious thought or effort on our part. These include breathing, heartbeat, digestion, salivation, perspiration, pupillary dilation, urination, and sexual arousal.

So what controls the autonomic nervous system?

The subconscious mind.

And the subconscious mind can be controlled by hypnosis, behavioural conditioning, neurolinguistic programming (NLP), and other seemingly innocuous methods.

I can also fund research ostensibly aimed at improving immune system efficacy and efficiency using such things as mathematical or computer modeling. Once I have this knowledge, I now know how to wreak havoc in your body.

If I can do these things, I have direct access to your immune system and your DNA.

Information comes from media like television, radio, print, and the internet. In the US, the first three are controlled by five multinational corporations, and they are still fighting to gain control of the internet - and gaining ground. Globally, over the past 100 years, such giant corporations have relentlessly bought up independent commercial media companies.

These days, it’s a truism that all news seems to be bad news. But if you look back over the history of the last century, you will see that crisis has followed crisis in a relentless pattern of awfulness.

Education, too, is information. It is controlled by those who set the curricula, those who train the teachers, and those who write and supply the textbooks.

If I can control information, I can keep you in an almost permanent state of fear and stress - and this gives me direct access to your immune system and your DNA.

And I can also make your children so dumb it will never even occur to them to question anything I do.

I don’t even need to control governments to do all of this (although some of my people have been groomed from birth for high positions, and it’s always useful to sway politicians with lobbyists and election funding).

No, I will go where the real power lies - government agencies, the military, intelligence, and the judicial system. I will corrupt the United Nations by getting my people into positions of power in their consultative and advisory bodies and committees.

And I will set up fake altruistic bodies like the World Health Organisation - a private corporation which receives more than two-thirds of its funding from the pharmaceutical industry.

Higher education will be mine, too, once I have infiltrated the universities. Once entrenched, I can control what is taught and identify potential candidates for recruitment, as well as potential enemies. I will also be able to place my people into scientific and research institutes, and thence to national and international advisory and consultative bodies.

By doing all of this, I essentially
absorb national governments and the international power structures in much the same way as an amoeba engulfs its food.

Once I have my people in place, I can then manipulate society in these 10 key areas. This gives me a shadow control network that will never be seen - an uber-government if you like - to carry out my agenda. This is a system I have adapted from that used to govern the Roman Empire. So what you believe to be a government freely elected by you is no more than an elaborate puppet-play, a dazzling illusion.

And I and my friends are the men behind the curtain.

But I tire of this now, and it’s time for me to advance to the next stage of my plan for all of you.

So who are my controllers?

Some are my people, who want exactly what I want. Some are people to whom I’ve fed the plausible lie that what I’m doing is for the good of the planet and the survival of humanity. Some are people to whom I’ve guaranteed positions of power along with undreamt-of wealth and luxury when my plans come to fruition. Some are people to whom I’ve promised access to the astonishing technology I possess, including freedom from all disease and vastly-extended lifespans. And some are people I’ve coerced with very real threats to their lives and the lives of all their loved ones - threats I have carried out many times in the past.

Thus, if I can control all of these areas of life on this planet, I control all human health.

And the world is mine.

And once that happens, I will kill without compunction most of those who have helped me to steal it.

Some will “commit suicide,” some be mown down by “hit-and-run” drivers, some will have “sudden heart attacks,” and others receive a bullet in the head from an unknown assassin. They are surplus to requirements, and they know where all the bodies are buried. I’ve done this before, many times, with people who became dangerous to my plans. And I have killed many who simply possessed the scientific knowledge that might derail what I’m planning.

Sounds like a bad science fiction scenario, or something from “1984,” doesn’t it?

Well, I have news for you. All of these control systems are already in place, many of them for decades. All of them are hidden in plain view, if you know where and how to look for their signs.

So let’s get down to the nitty-gritty, shall we?
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