It Took a Woman to Do It

Last updated: 26 July 2012

How long does it take a kill a demodex mite?

According to this medical article, 100% strength tea tree oil, alcohol, caraway oil, or dill weed oil will do it in 15 minutes. I've seen other estimates as low as five minutes for tea tree oil, but 15 minutes seems to be the generally accepted figure among medical researchers.

Yet an extraordinary woman named Toni, who lives in Las Vegas, can kill a demodex mite instantly, using a 100% natural product you can find on any supermarket shelf. In fact, you may even have this in your kitchen cupboard already.

Toni has suffered with serious illnesses, including demodex infestation, for the last seven years. Over that time, she has tried most of the usual treatments, without success. So she started her own tireless experiments, using natural substances and testing them on herself, to see if she could find something that eradicates demodex.

Toni doesn't give up easily. And she eventually found it - a simple compound that will turn an active demodex mite into a corpse on contact.

Hard to believe? This video shows an early version of her experiment where the substance wasn't mixed thoroughly enough - the mite was still killed in 50 seconds:

The video first shows an active demodex mite taken from her face on a microscope slide. She then adds a clear liquid containing blobs of whitish material - and 50 seconds later the mite is dead.

So what kills these mites quicker than any other known substance on earth?

The pharmaceutical companies are gonna love this - it's a very small amount of dry mustard powder well mixed into a little water. (Note: this is also known simply as “Dry Mustard” in the US).

Mustard has a long and honourable heritage in medicine. It’s still used today in mustard poultices for its superior drawing power. It’s also a very powerful anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agent.

Please note: pre-mixed mustard paste in tubes and jars won't work because of the preservatives and stabilisers in it. You must use dry mustard powder, also sometimes referred to as mustard flour. Colman’s Double Superfine is best because it has the finest granules.

After six weeks of using it topically, Toni hasn't found a single mite anywhere on her body, and is tickle-free.

I've edited Toni's own words below to condense her information. Here's her list of ways she’s used on her own skin - your dosage tolerance may well be different:

CAUTION: When using mustard on your skin, remember that MORE IS NOT BETTER. If you use more mustard than you should, YOU WILL BLISTER AND BURN YOUR SKIN, and this will leave a scab which will take at least a week to heal. I know this because it happened to me. If in doubt, leave some out.

Before applying any of the following mixtures, test them out on a very small and unobtrusive but fairly sensitive area of your skin first by using a matchstick or toothpick to apply a tiny dot. If you feel it warming uncomfortably after a couple of minutes, wash it off quickly - you need to dilute your mixture with more carrier.

Remember that everyone’s skin is different, that more mustard is NOT better, and you should only use the amount you’re comfortable with. If you feel ANY warming on your skin, you’re using too much and you need to dilute it further with the carrier.

And DON’T GET IT IN YOUR EYES - be very careful in this area.

1. I personally take about one teaspoon of mustard powder, mix it with an equal or lesser amount of cold water, combine both well to make a smooth paste with no lumps or clumps, and leave it to stand for 10 minutes to develop its full potency. Add this to a single portion of anything like body wash and/or shampoo and use it daily. Let it sit on your skin for about five minutes, then rinse off. This is safe to use on private parts.

CAUTION: Under no circumstances should you ever use body scrub. You need to be able to monitor what’s being ejected from your skin and body scrub contains exfoliating granules that can and will penetrate into it and remain there for a long period, confusing the issue and creating potential infection sites. Eight weeks after using body scrub, I’m still finding the granules being ejected from my own skin. I confirmed this by microscopic examination of scrub granules side by side with some of the material ejected from my skin. They’re identical in every respect. If you wish to exfoliate, use the tips below. Body scrub = worst “innovation” ever (David Bourke).

2. Mix mustard with body lotion, then you can apply it after your mustard shower/shampoo, and leave it on all day if you like. You can also put the mustard and water mix through a coffee filter before adding it to your body lotion if you prefer. You can also do another application of this before bed, mixed well with a little glycerine to ensure that the mustard stays hydrated all night.

3. It's important to note that once the mustard dries, it stops working. For all-day protection, you need to use something that will keep it hydrated. The lotion I'm using, which works best for this with me, is called Swanson's Brand Pycnogenol Cream. You can also try using glycerine as a carrier instead, or mixing five or so drops of glycerine into your lotion. Or try it with an oil like sweet almond or extra virgin olive oil with a generous few drops of lavender essential oil mixed in.

4. I like to take about half a teaspoon of mustard powder and mix it with about one ounce of hair conditioner, leave it on for a couple of hours, or until it starts to dry, then I rinse it out.

5. In a spritzer or spray bottle, I mix the dry mustard with Infusium hair treatment and use it on my scalp and hair during the daytime and before I go to bed - don't rinse this out.

6. For something that will help the mustard penetrate the skin, I have used a topical glycolic. Forget the liquid ones and get MD Forte Hand and Body Cream. But if you decide you want to try this out, YOU MUST CONSIDERABLY REDUCE THE AMOUNT OF MUSTARD USED OR YOU WILL BURN. This is because glycolics enhance the effect of the mustard. In this case, less is definitely more.

7. Of all the ways I've tried so far, just washing head to toe daily for the past six weeks with a teaspoon or less of dry mustard mixed with my soaps and applied after showers and mixing the same amount with my lotions has made me almost feel like I don't have anything going on anymore.


If you have lesions associated with your condition, here's how to heal them in 4-7 days or less without leaving scars - I had thousands of these and now have no scarring:

1. Take about 1/4 cup of plain live culture yoghurt - no flavoured stuff, just plain (it should say "live cultures" somewhere on the container).

2. Mix this well with 3-4 tablespoons of 2% milk until it's smooth and the mixture is nice and creamy.

3. After your mustard shower, apply a small amount to each lesion. Make little mounds on each one if need be. Allow these to dry and do not disturb them - work around them carefully when applying your body lotion mix.

4. The mounds will adhere to the lesions, and will draw out anything inside them. Leave them on until your next shower the following day.

5. The most important thing is not to disturb a mound or pick at it - if you do, you will be left with a scar.

6. When the lesions have healed, you can then safely use the mustard body lotion all over.


Eggcups are ideal for mixing the mustard powder with cold water.

2. You can make your own body scrub using baking soda, dry mustard, aloe gel, and antibacterial soap.

3. Use an empty bottle to mix a single portion of body wash, shampoo, or body lotion to avoid mucking up an entire bottle. That way you'll have a fresh application every time.

4. For body lotion, if you don't want to make up a fresh batch daily, you can make up no more than a week's worth in an empty bottle, then keep it in the refrigerator. These lotions have preservatives to allow them to be kept unrefrigerated, but if you add anything to them, it changes them, so altering their shelf life.

5. If you wish to use an oil as your carrier for the mustard/cold water mix, please note that you must add a very small amount of liquid detergent/soap to the treatment and stir or shake it well. This is because oil and water will not mix unless emulsified in this way.

6. Don’t even bother trying to mix dry mustard powder into petroleum jelly, either alone, mixed with cold water, or emulsified. Part of petroleum jelly’s function is to act as a skin barrier. So it will encapsulate the mustard totally, preventing it from even touching the skin. It CAN be done, but only by a professional compounding chemist.


Because us guys are pretty hairy creatures, we have more hair follicles than women. We also have more sebaceous glands. What this means is that, in the case of a generalised infestation, the mustard will take longer to work simply because we have more mites to eradicate than women do. So we need MORE TIME to get the results we want - NOT MORE MUSTARD.

Consequently, we suggest men need to use this regimen for AT LEAST 60 days - 90 days is even better.

Life isn’t fair. But you already know that...


Because demodex infestation blocks the outflow of sebaceous oil, your skin may be very dry and flakey. Since I wanted the mustard to be applied straight to live skin, I needed the most effective exfoliant I could get. Jo Simmons, Administrator of Morgellons UK, kindly gave me this recipe: mix plain green unscented Fair Liquid dish soap (UK) with an equal amount of fine table salt (not sea salt) and mix well. Wet down in the shower, turn off the water, and apply the mix all over, massaging it in well. US sufferers have reported good results using Palmolive Oxy Plus instead of Fairy Liquid. Air-dry for five minutes, then rinse off well.

Toni also recommends an exfoliation routine several times a week before a mustard shower, but she substitutes baking soda for table salt because of its finer granules and uses it in a different way. She takes an empty spice shaker with large holes filled with baking soda into the shower with her. She then shakes this into her hands and applies it to her dampened skin first, rubs down thoroughly, then applies the soap on top of that, because baking soda will dissolve if it's mixed into water or liquids.

Now you can do your mustard body wash.

Body Wash: because I have super-sensitive skin, I mix slightly less than one measured teaspoon of mustard powder into the same amount of cold water and make a smooth runny paste. I combine this with four ounces of body wash - this give me two showers worth.

Body Lotion: I mix three-quarters of a teaspoon of mustard powder as outlined above, then add it to three ounces of lotion with five drops of glycerine mixed in and massage it in well. I’m six feet tall, slim, and weigh 74kg and this amount is enough to cover me from head to toe with a little left over for “hotspot” touch-ups if needed.

Don’t be alarmed if you find many little gel-like blobs on your skin after the mixture starts to be absorbed. These are most likely fragments of dead skin broken down by the mustard - as well as some unabsorbed mustard powder, hydrating lotion sealants, and dead mites. Depending on how extensive your infestation is, these should largely disappear after a couple of weeks.


This works wonderfully well! And one shower plus two all-over lotions applications daily for six weeks or so is well worth the effort to get rid of these pests and reclaim your life. And my skin now feels softer and smoother than ever. After the first day, two bumps on my buttocks that contained incessantly active mites simply just disappeared.

I’ll be using this from on in combination with Ted’s Internal Borax Remedy.


Essentially, demodicosis is caused by an immune system disorder. Even people with healthy immune systems harbour demodex mites in their eye areas, particularly the eyelashes, eyelids, and eyebrows.

Consequently, you will also have them in these areas when you finish your treatment and may be subject to eventual systemic reinfestation from them unless you fix your immune system or follow a maintenance program.

Both Toni and Ted have now delivered excellent responses to this problem - you’ll find them

LATEST INFORMATION (26 July 2012): Because of the discovery that bioengineered organisms are present in a demodex infestation (almost identical to those found in Morgellons), mustard treatment users should augment by adding 16 drops of 35% FOOD-GRADE hydrogen peroxide to every gallon of DISTILLED drinking water. They should drink at least 4-5 pints of this through the day, preferably up to a gallon, and supplement it by taking MSM (used “off-label” for its very high sulphur content).


Here is Ted’s response to Toni’s discovery, taken from the Earth Clinic website:

“I will look into that, but it (mustard powder) is harder to find here, but what I found is an equivalent - d limonene (lemon oil), a known contact insecticide which is a lot easier to handle, and also kills in seconds, as well as clove oil, cinnamon oil, pepper oil, etc. (Since mustard power is hard to find in Thailand) I have tried wasabi (which may be harder to find in the States but easier to find here). Wasabi and mustard powder contains thiocyanates, which have anti-cancer properties and may be responsible for some of the effects on demodex it is the least toxic of the cyanides in humans also.

“They are also listed in US patents as a contact insecticide (red pepper, mustard, clove, cinnamon, etc.), but the most well-known is d limonene, because it is the major component of lemon oil and orange oil, and using lemon oil or orange oil would do the job if mustard can't be found. The one thing is both are known skin irritants, that's why I don't post them, but I will if there is the understanding of them.

“However, if killing them (the mites) is desired combined with the use of skin irritants, you need to top out these with lavender oil liberally to overtake the feelings of skin irritants, so it doesn't get to you. The other thing that is required is DMSO, so you can use the skin irritants (mustard or d limonene) to less then 3%, otherwise it may hurt you.

“The reason I didn't pursue these areas of research is the precise measurements needed to kill it so that it doesn't irritate the skin. I have all of them for tests, but I will do it. What I am certain is d limonene will kill any insects no matter what they are and they are contact insecticides. So getting the time down to seconds is really not necessary - the problem is that getting the use of these remedies that don’t irritate becomes paramount.

“The key factor is DMSO which is a known carrier that can penetrate the skin (and) can bring any contact insecticide (into the skin for insects) such as demodex mites (and this) is the real answer. Because these are known it becomes important that the anti-inflammatory oils such as camphor or lavender oils be used. I will try to get mustard powder in Thailand (I have for some time now) but is not available right now, but will pursue that...In the meantime, (I) will try to make at least a working prototype of d limonene, lavender oil and DMSO in proper combinations. However, I must say that DMSO 70% is disinformation - DMSO 100% works a lot better if you talk about (a) deep tissue penetrant.

“Once this working formula is in effect (structure), then you can replace...with mustard oil (instead of d limonene) in similar proportion or at least half of the proportion, then compare the results.”

To read about the amazingly positive therapeutic uses of DMSO, click here.

I’ve now sent Ted a large quantity of Colman’s Double Superfine Mustard Powder for his experiments, and, as he states above, he is also actively working to devise an effective intra-skin delivery system for quicker and safer eradication.

To which I say, THANK YOU SO MUCH, TED! You are a Godsend.

LATEST INFORMATION (26 July 2012): Ted is no longer working on this because of the extreme difficulty of finding a safe balance between effectiveness and possible injury - remember, mustard is a skin irritant that can burn and blister. If you use too much topically, you can always wash it off. But you can’t do this if it’s deep in the skin. I’m truly sorry about this. No one is more disappointed than I am.

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